‘Gunjack 2: End of Shift’ from CCP Launches Exclusively on Google Daydream This November

by David Jagneaux • October 4th, 2016

When Google Daydream was first revealed, one of the games we saw on-screen during the interface demonstration was something called Gunjack Next. Details were scarce at that time, but we now know that the title has morphed into Gunjack 2: End of Shift.

In a press release from CCP, the developers of EVE: Gunjack, EVE: Valkyrie, Project Arena, and now Gunjack 2, the game is described as as a VR game that, “seamlessly incorporates the Daydream controller as players use it to aim and shoot down swarms of enemies, strategically deploy their special weapons, and activate their energy shields to survive the most dangerous situations. The game will also include daily generated missions, ensuring endless deployability.”

The original Gunjack, which first debuted on Gear VR and has since been ported to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, could be best described as a gallery shooter. You sit in a cockpit and look around inside the headset to aim your guns and take down enemy ships. This new game puts much of the gameplay focus on the use of the Daydream controller itself, decoupling your head from your aiming, allowing a more natural feeling of immersion. This should allow gameplay to be more intense and fluid than before.


Gunjack 2’s core gameplay is all about destroying masses of enemies, and Google’s Daydream controller allows us to make that experience even more natural and fun,” said Jean-Charles Gaudechon, executive producer of Gunjack 2: End of Shift. “In Gunjack 2, we’re pushing the limits of what a mobile VR game can be.”

This time around, there will also be a much heavier focus on the narrative and storytelling elements with full cinematic cut-scenes and professional-grade voice acting. This will help make the game feel more complete and well-rounded, which is something many VR gamers are still seeking even on more robust PC-powered VR headsets.

“We are extremely excited for the Daydream platform and what it means for VR,” said Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP. “Collaborating with Google and developing Gunjack 2 for their VR platform has been an amazing experience. We started a new chapter for CCP a year ago with the launch of our first VR title, and now the upcoming release of its sequel on the Daydream platform bears testament to our commitment to VR in gaming and entertainment.”

Gunjack 2: End of Shift releases exclusively for Google Daydream headsets in November 2016. No specific date was provided at this time and its unclear if this is a permanent exclusive or just timed, such as the previous game.

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