Half-Life 2’s VR Mod Looks Amazing In New Trailer

by Jamie Feltham • April 3rd, 2017

We’re eagerly awaiting the three VR games that Valve is working on right now but, at the same time, modders are bringing Rift and Vive support to the studio’s most beloved game, Half-Life 2. New footage of that mod has been released today.

The trailer below starts off by offering a glimpse of City 17, which serves as the game’s memorable opening location. We can’t wait to explore it in VR, but far more tantalising is the second half of the footage, which shows the game’s iconic Gravity Gun being controlled with position-tracked devices like the HTC Vive wands or the Oculus Touch controllers. The idea of running through the entire campaign inside the Rift or Vive is, quite frankly, very exciting indeed. No word on when the mod will be released yet but you can’t be sure we’ll keep an eye out.

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  • As much as I’m a fan of VR and HL2, this looks like a locomotion vomitfest unless they’re modding in click to warp

    • Ben

      You don’t need to look farther than the success of the Doom 3 BFG VR mod to know that isn’t true.

      • Nicholas Oldroyd

        Except I and other people I know do get very ill when they try to play Doom VR.

        • xxTheGoDxx

          Than you and those people will be missing out. One can’t have everything in life.

          • Nicholas Oldroyd

            That’s why some people are wondering if they will include any more comfortable locomotion features to better accommodate everyone.

            I know you can’t have everything, but there are definitely plenty of great games with good and comfortable locomotion options that work for pretty much everyone.

            I avoided the Rift and went with the Vive because it advertised the whole roomscale type of VR and I set up a nice 4×4 meter area and roomscale does not make me sick at all.

          • towblerone

            You sound like Don Mattrick. Not a great business plan for any product or company, especially within a fledgling industry trying to go mainstream.

        • verk15

          Doom 3 BFG VR mod is awesome, it was one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had in years, if you get sick playing doom 3 bfg vr or Onward then most probably you get sick skiing – ice skating or rollerblading… the main issue with vr sickness is turning left and right with the analog stick, this is solved by actually turning with your body.
          This might be anecdotal but i have been playing around with VR for the last couple years and I have concluded this to be the case with my self and others.

          • Nicholas Oldroyd

            Hmm, definitely not skiing. I am a veteran downhill skier of 16 years. Don’t feel any sickness roller blading or ice skating either.

            The feeling I get is what I start to feel like if I try to read while in a moving vehicle or how I feel on a boat that is rocking a lot if I am not up on the deck.

            I don’t get sick on amusement rides either.

          • verk15

            That sucks, it might be something to do with the brain and the inner ear / balance then… you might have to get accustomed to the locomotion, I hear the term VR legs get thrown around on reddit allot, I have not personally experienced this. The problem with having allot of different locomotion’s available is you have to practically redesign the game’s AI to stay put in one place and not run around / make it easy to shoot the npc’s, a good example would be Robo Recall – you see the NPC’s not moving to much which is kind of… lets say boring – IMO of course.
            I’m sure the DEV is going to take note of all this and give options for all.

          • lepter

            Without some kind of teleport, this is a no go for me. Doom3 showed the way to go. Have loads of movement options. Normal for the hardcore nausea copers, teleport for us wusses. I play games for fun, not to feel crap. Doom3 works just fine as a teleport game.

          • Dave

            Hah this is funny. There is a reason games like RoboRecall, SuperHot, and Arizona Sunshine didn’t launch with locomotion buddy.

          • verk15

            And whats the reason?

          • Dave

            Are you serious?

            Because locomotion causes motion sickness.

          • verk15

            yes and there should be many options to deal with this issue, not everyone is in favour or teleportation or gets motion sick – in fact allot of people opted out of purchasing Arizona Sunshine because of this, after they implemented full locomotion their was allot of praise for that decision.
            I’m in favour of multiple options regarding movement in VR – game’s like Robo recall with full locomotion mod for example, make’s the game to easy (like shooting fish in a barrel) you would have to change the A.I to compensate for this, which takes time. so what is your problem? there is games that launch with full locomotion, its just the choice of the developer.

          • Dave

            It causes enough people whom play it to get sick that they are actively not developing locomotion systems in these VR games. That should tell you something.

          • verk15

            There is no data to show how many people get motion sick, so it could be a vocal minority. it’s more like the developers trying to play it safe in the early days of VR – now you’re seeing more and more games come out full locomotion, that should tell us something.

          • Dave

            There is enough data to make MASSIVE gameplay designs like excluding locomotion.

          • verk15

            Would you like to share with us your data, making assumptions based on conjecture and personal experience isn’t a good starting point.

          • Dave

            It’s not conjecture is they blatantly didn’t include locomotion again and again in these headliner VR games. It’s VR 101, locomtion can cause motion sickness.

          • verk15

            OK now you’re not making sense…. proof read your comment before posting lol. Anyways… its been fun buddy!! have a nice day.

            ***PRO TIP***

            use google to look up meaning of words.

            example: Conjecture

            Try it out.

          • Dave

            Thanks for conceding defeat. I see you’ve realized that there is a reason behind excluding locomotion from these games.

            Sorry you couldn’t understand a simple missed letter and typo.

          • verk15

            you have already lost hahaha, still waiting on that magical “data”
            The burden of proof is on you my friend, you made the claim.
            if you had it you would of posted a peer reviewed study by now.

          • Dave


            “In fact allot of people opted out of purchasing Arizona Sunshine because of this” – You

            Where is your data?

            You know what my data is? The games not having Locomotion in them because they cause motion sickness. They literally didn’t put locomotion in the game because IT CAUSES MOTION SICKNESS.

          • verk15

            So your source is “Dave” ok Dave.

          • Jason Manella

            He never claimed to have any data, but you did…. I have to agree it’s the very very beginning of VR its better to be safe for now and work in more locomotion method’s, that’s why we are seeing more free locomotion in game’s. Quite a few people feel disoriented with teleportation but not locomotion like my self.

          • Dave

            “. Quite a few people feel disoriented with teleportation but not locomotion like my self.”

            Got any data on that

          • Jason Manella

            There no is scientific data studying VR sickness nor do I claim to have any like you do, as for my personal experience yes i have experienced disorientation while teleporting but none with locomotion, as for others feeling the same way as me, yes i read allot of comments saying they feel the same way and yes there are people who experience sickness in full locomotion. You realize all these experiences people are feeling are anecdotal in nature, there has been no studies on vr sickness and how to mitigate its effects. Basically playing it safe it the best bet for companies, at least at the moment.
            New vr locomotion’s are in development as we speak, I believe teleportation is not a long term solution I doubt in 5 years many games will incorporate it.

        • NooYawker

          When I first got played doom VR I got really woozy pretty quickly. But I lowered the speed and upped super sampling and now I can play for a couple of hours and not feel sick.

        • Trooper

          then you need to tweak the settings a little better. it is worth spending a good half hour to get everything as perfect for you as possible.

      • Buddydudeguy

        Except Doom 3 doesnt have horrible skating on ice floaty movement.

    • Help me

      Never heard of options have you?.. not every VR game is made by Oculus you know.

      • Brandon

        Hey everybody, let’s be dicks to the guy making a decent comment for no reason!

        • koenshaku

          Well the reason is to be a dick and it isn’t every comment it is just those they get an erection to.. Just saying.. ^^;

        • Help me

          I don’t see anything decent about calling a free mod for one of the best games of last decade a vomitfest while never trying it or knowing anything about the locomotion/naseua reducing options it will contain.

    • David Melton

      You still haven’t adjusted to regular locomotion? Sucks to be you…

      • Garbagio Dumpsterino

        Took me probably an hour of playing Onwards, and afterwards feeling queezy. Now I can play for hours without any problems at all. Some people will obviously be different.

      • Nicholas Oldroyd

        It’s not something you can simply “adjust” to as far as I can tell. It’s like reading in the car. I’ve tried all my life but every time I try it I get sick. It’s the same with artificial movement in VR. It’s the disconnect between my eyes telling me i’m moving, but my ear telling me i’m stationary in my room. How exactly am I supposed to adjust to it?

        • Massimo

          Did you try Onward, or Pavlov?
          Their locomotion solution is amazing.
          Works for 95% of people. So there are definitely solutions out there, which don’t even require teleport-mechanisms.

          • Nicholas Oldroyd

            Yeah, I tried and had to refund those as well. I’m curious where you get that it’s fine for 95% of people because from my experience it’s way more than that who get sick.

          • koenshaku

            I agree 30mins of Pavlov = 2hr headache. I didn’t bother purchasing Onward.

          • Brad L

            Get gud.

          • NooYawker

            Do you ever get vertigo? Have you ever gone on one of those theme park rides that also uses video? I know people that can ski, ride roller coasters but rides with video projections make them really motion sick. People are just different.

          • Nicholas Oldroyd

            Yeah, the ones where it’s like a theater where the seats move somewhat and tilt, but on the screen you are like flying around and stuff. Those also make me sick.

            Like the old back to the future ride / new simpsons ride at universal studios. But I’m fine on roller coasters.

          • NooYawker

            Yea those are the rides I was thinking of. You may always have issues with full locomotion in vr. Possibly when they can get much higher frame rates and 4K resolution you’ll have a batter time at it. You could check out a tech demo called freedom locomotion where you run in place to move. That also eases up on motion sickness.
            Games should always have locomotion options.

          • MarkZ

            Maybe you’re just a pussy.

        • Lukimator

          I also get sick when reading in the car and cannot get used to that. I also used to get sick with VR smooth locomotion in the DK1/DK2 days that left me with nausea for a good while after.

          Now I can play games with controller direction locomotion just fine. The only games that still make me nauseous are the ones that have shit control methods that move me in unexpected directions (which happens mostly on games simulating zero gravity)

          I do believe a majority of people would be able to get used to locomotion just by trying the right way. Pushing through the sickness is something a lot of people think it’s needed in order to get VR legs and they just make things worse before giving up when it obviously doesn’t happen

      • Bundy

        I get having Oculus/Vive fanboys. Us geeks always pick a horse in these races, but never thought I’d see locomotion fanboys.

        • NooYawker

          I got cursed at by a Nokia maps fanboy.

      • NooYawker

        There will be people that just cant adjust to full locomotion. Just like people who ride in cars for years and still get motion sickness. People are different, who knew.

    • Emanuele Ciriachi

      Practice makes perfect – keep trying and you’ll get used to it.

      There’s a reason why seasoned sailors don’t suffer sea sickness!

      • koenshaku

        I thought that was because they were gay..

      • batlacitiachilan

        Not always true. There are some sailors who never get over sea sickness. I know one woman who, after spending an entire year on a boat, actually found she got more seasick after rather than less.
        I understand the desire not to find fault with the tech, but no one is helped by simply trying to deny the issue exists. As a community, we’re better off if we just admit that simsickness is a real issue for a lot of people and support efforts to continue to find a solution that can broaden the mass appeal of these HMDs.

        • Emanuele Ciriachi

          Even assuming this is true, I don’t have a reason to think the OP falls in this small category.

          And either way, the issue exists only for this specific type of locomotion, is not inherent to the device itself.

    • OkinKun

      It’s kinda funny.. Back in the HL1/HL2 days, people would sometimes complain that these first-person-shooters would make them motion-sick.. lol and real gamer usually just told them to suck it up and get used to it.
      The same is becoming true for VR. ;P

      • koenshaku

        Extended play of the original Doom games did afford some nausea at times in my youth. With VR, standing and not moving as you are moving doesn’t sit well with my brain at all though I’m only good for about 30mins of play and leave with at least a 2 hour headache afterwards.. The locomotion update in Arizona Sunshine is just awful btw I don’t even bother with that one for over 5mins.

        • OkinKun

          Well, I’m sure some people simply won’t be able to tolerate it.. I mean, I have family members who can’t play any kind of first-person game without getting nauseous either. :/
          But speaking as someone who’s been playing VR games for over 2 years now, I can handle almost anything now, for as long as I like. I’m getting to the point now where I can dodge around my room-scale space, while also gliding around with traditional joystick movement at the same time.. There’s tricks and moments to move that keep me from losing balance, now that it doesn’t make me sick.. Ginger ale and cannabis are great for getting acclimated to longer VR sessions IMO.. ;P

        • Mane Vr

          sorry to see full locomotion makes u sick. I play seated and never played Arizona sunshine till they added it to the game. for me teleport just doesn’t work I have a feeling of being lost everytime I do it. it makes games unplayable for me but I feel the option should be there just as I feel the option to play full locomotion should be there

      • NooYawker

        Haha. I know a couple of people that would get sick playing quake online.

      • Gary McCray

        I played through most of HL2 on the DK2 before they screwed up the VR on the next update.
        The problem with getting sick is related to lag, eliminate the lag, eliminate the motion sickness.
        In HL2 there is a way to tie weapon targeting directly to head movement, it works much, much better than using the joystick for targeting because the joystick lags head movement.
        That completely fixed my motion sickness and I could go through Half Life as fast or faster than the non-VR version and way more fun.
        I Hate that they disconnected Half Life from the Rift.
        Now it looks like they will be bringing it back, but they are pretending it wasn’t already there 2 years ago.
        Right now the biggest problem on both VR platforms is a complete lack of first tier games.
        This year with Microsoft also getting into the game with a half dozen other HMD manufacturers, maybe that will finally start to change.
        I Hope!

      • Asak

        There was something wrong with HL2 that made it cause nausea. I got sick playing HL2 and I’ve played dozens of other FPS games with no problems. The frame timing was off, or there was some sort of input lag with it. It didn’t happen to me with any of the HL2 Episodes or any other Source game.

    • Kief S

      The real killer for me is rotation/strafing without a clear view of being inside a vehicle. as long as I can use my head to turn. Though saying that. I’d be surprised if Valve didn’t cover all the bases.

  • Tony

    I wish Mafia would get VR remake

    • MarkZ


  • johann jensson

    Lately i get the feeling that the scene is finally waking up. Fallout 4 VR, HL2 VR Mod, Resident Evil VR, etc etc. High time the big games start to get adapted.

    Next stops, please: Stalker VR, Unreal & Quake VR, Mass Effect VR, Witcher VR. For starters 🙂

    • Sean Newhouse

      We are exactly where HTC and Valve stated where we would be. No one’s waking up, a bunch of projects are just coming along in their life cycle.

      • MarkZ

        I think youre replying to a kid.

        • Kief S

          I’d be surprised if a kid would know Unreal and Quake exist. They would be horrible vr titles though.

          • Dave

            Possibly the worst possible VR titles you could think of besides Tribes.

          • Why would quake be a worst vr title?

          • Dave

            Literally the highest speed shooters you could think of. Would be a vomit comet inside of VR.

          • For you?

          • Dave

            Looks like someone doesn’t understand basic VR game design.

          • Well I’ve played TF2 in vr and experienced no nausea so I’m wondering what you’re on about. You seem to be saying everyone reacts the same….

      • johann jensson

        Just gut feel. Don’t expect me to be objective, still waiting for v2 or a massive price cut for current hardware. Oculus said the price-point will be under 400$, and where are we now? 🙂

        • Gonna have to wait longer… this is gen 1 consumer VR. No one has mislead you or deceived you. The price has been falling steadily over the decades and now prices are gonna come down quicker.

          • johann jensson

            I can wait, thanks. 🙂

    • jimrp

      yeah like i said when it started. you have to build up to tolerence. Adapt. Please developers stop with handicap of my true FPS

      • G-man

        some people cant develop a tolerance to 15 minutes causing headaches for several days after.

    • ADHD Gamers

      Quake VR actually already exists and is free to download. 🙂

  • Bakkster

    Valve had somewhat official Half-Life 2 and TF2 support back in the DK2 days. Definitely fun, glad it’s coming back.

  • Half Life 2.9!

  • yag

    Can’t wait ! I’m getting tired of wave shooters à la Robo Recall
    the old HLVR mod is still the best FPS experience out there IMO (Arizona Sunshine is not bad either)

  • Marco Dena

    Is this real or is it just an april fool’s?

  • Buddydudeguy

    The only mod this game ever needed was to fix the horrible skating on ice floaty movement.

  • Hate to say this, but this mod was done by Valve at least two years ago with the DK1 and DK2. Sadly, it is also one of the case studies of why straight out FPS will not be converted without a new movement model. This is one of the only demos that made me nauseous, especially in the scenes where you are quickly moving out of the lab after the faulty transport and into the railway. But what I thought was awesome especially with the DK2 and its limited positional head tracking, was being able to peer around corners without exposing my body. I can imagine with the hand controllers this would be even better since you could literally stick your weapon out to fire before risking full exposure. I can also imagine Half-Live 2 in a large scale positional tracking room like 50’x50′ allowing you to actually walk, run, dart and hide since many of the game levels were not very large allowing for this type of use. Still trying to figure out how realistically climb stairs or ladders though.

    I would also think if Valve does port this, they will use the updated Source 2 engine for better graphics, like what is used in “The Lab” and “Destination,” which I have dabbled with great results.