Half-Life VR References Found In DOTA 2 Update – Report

by Jamie Feltham • March 18th, 2019

We may well be formally introduced to Half-Life VR at GDC this week. Valve’s long-rumored VR game could be revealed alongside its new SteamVR headset which we wrote about late last year. But, ahead of any such reveal, more apparent references to the game have been uncovered.

Word comes by way of the Valve News Network’s latest video (below). According to the video, a Tools Update to Valve’s DOTA 2 featured a few more references to Half-Life VR or ‘hlvr’. Specifically, the documentation makes reference to a ‘hlvr_weapon_shotgun_prototype’ and ‘SPORE damage’. Spore is a term associated with material from Half-Life’s alien dimension, Xen, as well as a Spore Launcher weapon in the original game. And the shotgun is, well, yeah, a shotgun.

We haven’t seen the text ourselves but VNN has been a pretty reliable and persistent source of these leaks. It’s far from the first time ‘hlvr’ terms have been found in updates to Valve products, either. The real question is if this update (which went live on March 6th) suggests we could be playing Half-Life VR at GDC this week.

We’ve previously reported that Half-Life VR is in the works and is a prequel instead of Half-Life 3. We’re expecting the game to be something of a showcase for Valve’s latest headset. We previously reported that device has a 135 degree field of view (FOV) with resolution similar to that of Vive Pro. Half-Life VR may even be bundled with the device.

Whatever awaits us this week, you can be sure we’ll bring you the latest.

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