Halo Recruit On Windows Pits You In VR Against A Flat Screen

by Ian Hamilton • October 18th, 2017

I got the Fall Creators Update installed and I’m making my way through the launch library Microsoft has prepared for VR headsets from Acer, Lenovo, Dell, HP and, next month, Samsung.

One of my first stops was Halo Recruit, which is now the definition of a disappointing wave shooter in VR. In Recruit, you shoot targets on a flat screen….in VR.

To be fair, 343 Industries and Microsoft didn’t present Halo Recruit like it would be a fully fledged game. It is meant to be more like a taster for what a Halo game in VR could one day be. Truth be told, though, I have a hard time imagining any Halo fans would find this 5-minute experience worth their time.

Skip through my video below where I captured the entire affair, right down to the out-of-scale Master Chief who appears at the end as I pat him on his little head.

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What's your reaction?
  • AmiRami

    wow. that is really disapointing. If that is what to come then no thanks Halo.

  • Eugene Stolyarov

    Looks like sh/t

    • koenshaku

      you may need to see a doctor about what is going into your toilet..


  • GreasyMullet

    This is just terrible VR. They should have just left it as a teaser. Suit up, grab your weapon, get in a vehicle and descend down into some madness, fade to black with the words coming soon. Tease for a real game and a taste of VR. This… this was so so terrible.

  • JesperL

    What a joke

  • Ombra Alberto

    Shame MS VR.

  • Griffin

    what a wasted opportunity

  • Piotr Wojtan

    You all didn`t get the idea. This is just a Demo. At the end of this “teaser” you see information about “the end of simulation” and then you see a bit of the future game. Even Devs said that you are going to get just a taste of VR with this. They needed for MR presentation and as a demo works well enough. Just wait for full game.

    • Thetrick

      This is not a taste. This is like a giving us a spoon and an empty plate.

    • Graham

      A demo is meant to get you excited and eager for the product. This was just terrible and would put you off vr in general let alone ms mixed reality vr. They’d have done better to wait until they had something half decent to show. Assuming there is something else coming.

  • wrapter

    This is why competition is important.

  • Filmgeek47

    This is the same kind of crap that killed 3D movies. Companies try to rush out content just to say they have something, but the content is poorly done. I hope this doesn’t discourage people from getting into VR. There’s so much better stuff out there.

  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    So Microsoft’s Gender Fluid Reality best demo falls flat? We all saw that coming.

  • Firestorm185

    I literally bawled with laughter when I saw the title for this review.
    that title alone is the best criticism for the state of VR shooter games
    I have ever seen. Or, well, MR shooter games at least. =3=

  • Smokey_the_Bear

    hahaha, was that real, or a joke? Did Microsoft hire some 12 year old to make that in his spare time?

  • Mane Vr

    I still want to play it just to see MC up close

    • GIBBS v2

      True, that was the highlight. When he walked out and invited you onto the turrent I was like OH SHIT they were trolling us here comes mind blow. Nope.

  • JesperL

    Sorry for offtopic – Is there some big VR forum, where all VR users discuss everything VR related? – I only find some halfassed, or dead’ish forums.

    • JMB

      r/vive as well as r/oculus should be your go-to on reddit.

  • GIBBS v2

    Lol, I came down here to poop on this only to find everyone else has that handled.

  • care package

    Strange they made a VR wave shooter a virtual arcade shooting gallery instead.

  • Wildattorney

    I tried Halo Recruit today. I agree that it is very disappointing given that you are shooting at a flat screen. Hence, it is more like Duck Hunt than Space Pirate Trainer.

  • beestee

    It doesn’t look like there was a scale issue, it looks like there was a height calibration issue. As a longtime fan of the Halo series, I actually don’t find this disappointing. I want them to take their time to get the full game just right and the end of that demo gave a glimpse of the potential there. Shooting at the flat screen I feel is a good transition for the experience part of the demo to make the most impact…if you were at the correct height that is.