‘Haunted Rooms’ Is A Visually Impressive Escape Room VR Game For Cardboard

by Jamie Feltham • November 15th, 2016

Amidst the launch of Daydream, mobile developer Rabbit Mountain is doubling down on Google Cardboard with the launch of another new game this week.

The studio today launched Haunted Rooms, an episodic escape VR game, in partnership with Zariba. As you can probably imagine, the story sees you wake up in a locked room with no memories or clues as to how you got there. As you explore and progress further into a house, you’ll uncover the story of what appears to be a serial killer that leaves his victims in the building. The twist? They’ve come back as ghosts and are out to get you. Expect VR jump scares aplenty, then.

The game mixes traditional puzzle solving mechanics with hidden object challenges. As you can see from the exclusive gameplay footage above, it’s graphically impressive for a Cardboard game, and Rabbit Mountain plans to bring it to other headsets like Daydream and “high end” VR headsets too. Speaking to UploadVR, the developer stated that it was looking at the Oculus Rift and OSVR Hacker Dev Kit (HDK) as potential release platforms. It’s also playable without a VR headset.

Haunted Rooms Episode One is available on iOS and Android for free. More episodes will be available later on down the line and will continue the story started here.

Rabbit Mountain previously confirmed to UploadVR that the game was being monetised through in-app advertisements, similar to the developer’s previous two games, Jurassic VR — which saw 3 million downloads — and its sequel. This model is clearly bringing the developer some success. It’s going to be interesting to see how it might be adapted for other headsets on platforms where this kind of monetization isn’t as prevalent.

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