Here’s Every Game That Supports PSVR’s New Aim Controller

by Jamie Feltham • May 11th, 2017

After being revealed at E3 last year, Sony’s new Aim Controller, a gun-shaped, position-tracked device that supports its PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset is nearly upon us. The kit is set to launch as a bundle with anticipated first-person shooter, Farpoint next week for $75, but Sony previously promised it would work with other games too. Now we know what those games are.

Sony today announced an additional three games that will support the controller, some of which we knew about, some of which we didn’t.


The big announcement here is that ROM: Extraction, a highly polished VR wave shooter from First Contact Entertainment, is coming to PSVR with Aim support. The game has been available for a while on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but will feature some new twists. On Rift and Vive you’ll have two hands holding seperated controllers, but Aim has players holding one larger controller, making it a considerably different experience.

The developer’s Adam Orth said in a PlayStation Blog post that the Aim controller achieves “a deeper sense of physicality than with standard motion controllers.” The game’s coming to PSVR “soon”.

Up next is a pre-existing PSVR title, The Brookhaven Experiment. On June 6th the game will be getting full Aim support. Also coming soon is the PSVR version of Dick Wilde, which will allow players to handle weapons in an entirely new way.

For now, though, we’ll be looking forward to Farpoint’s full launch, which has been a long time coming.

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  • Nightfiree

    IDK why or how anybody is supporting ROM Extraction. 10 minutes of really bad wave shooting and slow mo gimick. 2 levels and nothing more. Seems interesting that its always at conventions and now its getting aim support…why would playstation back that?

  • It’s curious to me, what the difference is that the Aim controller will bring to The Brookhaven Experiment. I haven’t picked that title up yet, but if the Aim brings something worthwhile to the game, I may pick it up, since I’ve already heard from other players that it’s pretty decent.

    • Aaron Thinesen

      you won’t have to push a button to turn around, the aim will let you use the thumbsticks to do so.

      • Derek Whitneck

        The turn around button was one of the best features! All VR games should have it as an option at least.

    • iUserProfile

      I curious too, because Brookhaven is build around using one handed handguns in on hand and a flashlight or knife in the other. Will they implement rifles with attachments and bajonetts? I think the aim controller whould feel arkward and heavy if you use it like a pistol and if you grab it with both hands but only see a pistol in VR whould be strange too.

    • Derek Whitneck

      The Aim controller feels like a weapon, especially when you are looking down the sights. I have no buyers remorse from
      purchasing Farpoint and the Aim controller. 100% happy. Going to play now!

      • Right on! I might it pick it up this weekend then.

        • Derek Whitneck

          Curious to play co-op…Beat the heck outta solo- the run and gun play is so fun!

  • James Logan

    Brookhaven is a great VR game with one serious flaw: you can’t move i.e. walk. If this game had movement like RE7 it would be a complete masterpiece.

    • Derek Whitneck

      Perfectly said.

  • Eivind Grøvik Tandstad

    Been playing Farpoint for a few hours now and its amazing.Strafing does take some getting used too but overall an exhilarating experience.Love the way you can move your gun around.

    • Derek Whitneck

      Agreed, I love it too! PSVR need more games of this quality! That gun controller feels so right!