Here’s What a Nintendo Switch VR Headset Could Look Like

by David Jagneaux • March 24th, 2017

Nintendo’s new game console, the Switch, is a really nice piece of hardware. It’s incredibly comfortable to play in handheld mode, switches seamlessly to docked TV mode, and has a wealth of playstyles to fit any situation. The fact that it also happens to be the best way to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is just a huge dollop of gravy on top.

Back when the Switch was first announced, a lot of people were wondering if it would include any VR or AR support given the multitude of rumors. As it turns out, that wasn’t meant to be. We’ve made wishlists of game franchises we’d want to see in VR from Nintendo and the company’s president, Tatsumi Kimishima, has even stated that they’ve been experimenting with the technology, but won’t get involved util comfort issues are resolved.

© 2017 Antoine Beynel

© 2017 Antoine Beynel

The Joycon controllers are impressive with motion-sensing and incredibly precise rumble features that would be great for VR games, similar to the Oculus Touch, HTC Vive, or PlayStation Move. Realistically if the Switch does ever get VR support, a bit more work is needed though. The screen’s resolution is far too low (and too large and heavy to be comfortable) but it’s still fun to think about.

Down below we’ve included a bunch of mock-up images from industrial designer Antoine Beynel that give us a glimpse into what a future design from Nintendo might look like. As long as it doesn’t suffer the same fate as the poorly conceived Virtual Boy, we’d be all for it!

h/t – NintendoLife

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  • Lucidfer

    Very nice concept, unfortunately it won’t happen, look at the size of the actual Switch and the size of a regular VR headset…

    The Switch is a big failure of conception for me, understandably because they still operate in a 10 years-old paradigm of pricing therefor they built an already outdated ultra cheap console (480p LCD plastic screen, cartridges, huge Tegra X1 chip, huge vent, small battery…). I’m not surprised by the launch so I’m not changing my prospective numbering, but I sure hope for an up-to-date “premium” truly portable version that will be VR-compatible.

    • Humoeki Humoeki

      480p screen lol okay then

    • Slo Creators

      and what SOC would you have powered this with? Of if you say the TX2, I would agree, considering there still isn’t a chip from Qualcomm or Samsung that comes close to it’s graphics performance, and don’t talk about RocChip or other low-end SOCs.The Apple A10 would be great, but a snowball chance in hell on that. The TX1, though dated is still a great SOC in the larger mobile market like the Switch.

    • mikedg

      what media would you have picked for a portable device? umd?

  • jimrp

    Maybe Vector graphics. 80s style

    • AceOfClubs

      … stupid much. Reference Samsung Gear VR. Switch is much more powerful then an S6 Edge. The edge can create quite an impressive VR experience. Yes 80s style if the developer decides to make the game in 80s style. Yea you should probably just not say anything anymore.

      • Nima Zebrami

        But an S6 also has a screen that’s over 2x the resolution and 3x the pixel density of the Switch screen. 720p for VR usage is REALLY bad.

        • AceOfClubs

          Yup only thing keeping it from being vr. You would have to have a hmd with screens built in like a rift or something

      • jimrp

        I guess a douche can not get sarcasm.

        • AceOfClubs

          Guess the idiot said something stupid and tries to pass it off as sarcasm.

  • Slo Creators

    Remember, there is no reason to not use a separate HMD with a higher resolution screen like the PSVR and relegate the Switch screen for initial setup. Plus, you have not one, but two Daydream like controllers at you disposal. I have already done this with other NVIDIA products.

    • It would increase the cost considerably, and also negate the wireless, portable nature of simply slotting the tablet into a headset.

  • Taun

    Won’t happen until they release a Switch Pro / VR. A minimum of 2-3 years time. I’d suggest a 1440p screen built for VR, eye-tracking, inside-out tracking for the headset & new Joycon-Pros. It’d also play older Switch game is 4K, & 1440p while portable.

  • Hans Olo

    What a piece of Switch!

  • Nate

    I really liked y’all’s concept art and packaging. Nice job. I could really see it looking exactly like that but I’m sure Nintendo would release their SVR headset in numerous bright colors for the choosing and maybe include an S-video or Composite cable in the box. 😉

  • Ben

    Nintendo has always stood for inferior hardware propelled by a fantastic games library….. a segment already well occupied by the PSVR. It’s very hard to get excited by any product without 6dof tracking… and I am clueless as to how they would easily implement that on the switch.

  • DrakeDoesn’tWrite

    I don’t know if VR will work on it but I absolutely love the Industrial parts of the Switch. Tempted to buy…

  • Cool speculation… I like the design of that headset

  • Fear Monkey

    All you need to do is play Robot Rescue on PSVR’s Playroom VR and you will be sold on Mario VR. Robot Rescue is sadly not a full game but it should be, it has made me really want a Mario 64 style VR game. Nintendo devs and engineers should play it, we need this in our lives.

    • John

      I agree. Although it was great and a LOT of fun, I was pretty disappointed that Robot Rescue was only one level. It left me wanting more, and could easily be developed into a full-length game.

  • Sam Kennedy

    This is kind of silly because the switch could never be a profficient VR machine, at least using its current screen, which I believe is 720p it would be incredibly blurry compared to even mobile VR.