CES 2018: Here’s Valve’s Second Generation Base Station

by Jamie Feltham • January 8th, 2018

HTC announced the enhanced Vive Pro headset today, boasting its 3K display, integrated audio and enhanced design. Perhaps more interesting, however, is the reveal of Valve’s second generation base station for SteamVR.

These improved devices were first mentioned last year and said to be smaller and more efficient than their predecessor, which currently ships with the original Vive. We weren’t sure when they were going to show up in 2018, but there’s a set actually being used with the Vive Pro at the CES booth. You can see it below.

Whereas the first base station was box-shaped, this one has a curved front. Crucially, though, the new setup supports up to four base stations, whereas the previous model supported two. That should make for even more accurate VR experiences when they arrive later this year.

We’re currently busy running around HTC’s booth but, if we’re able to get some more snaps we’ll put them right here.

Editor’s Note: This story was updated to change “four-sensor tracking” to “support up to four base stations” since the stations are only emitters, not trackers.

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  • Joshwa Sanders

    I wonder if it’ll be $135.

    • Durante

      They are $60/unit in bulk from Valve.

  • JDawg

    “four sensor tracking” Do you mean it now supports up to 4 base-stations (Lighthouses)? The sensors are on the controllers and headset. The base-stations don’t track anything. They emit laser light

    • Jeff Recobs

      pretty pedantic don’t you think?

      • kontis

        Is calling speaker setup microphones pedantic?

        • koenshaku

          That’s a bad example, they work in tandem to produce positioning and it can easily be mistaken by definition unless you study the technology.

          • Surykaty

            if you write for UploadVR you SHOULD STUDY THE TECHNOLOGY!

          • perfectlyreasonabletoo

            UploadVR is too busy studying how to deal with sexual harassment charges

          • Albert.CR


      • Surykaty

        it’s retarded to think that’s pedantic.. if you write for a VR website you should know such easy terminology

        • Jeff Recobs

          Overly concerned with minute details or formalisms? I say it’s pretty to the letter.

    • Tal – UploadVR

      That’s absolutely fair and accurate. We’re covering CES as it happens and trying to get information out quickly from the show floor so this was just a simple mistake, but I’ll issue a correction on the story.

      • Tal – UploadVR

        Corrected: “This story was updated to change “four-sensor tracking” to “support up to four base stations” since the stations are only emitters, not trackers.”

        • Your Mom

          Thanks for the correction

  • Justin Davis

    Do they vibrate?

  • chicken_colonel

    Did HTC mention we can trade up our existing headsets we just paid $600 for last month? 🙂

    • Random Ionia guy

      No, it mean you can buy the new headset without base stations and controller, later.

      • mellott124

        Exactly. It’s being called an upgrade because you can change the hmd and still use existing tracking and wands.

    • Mos Eisley

      I heard something about this.. specifically for the lighthouses, but Fortune asked them about the headsets, and they haven’t heard back yet.

  • impurekind

    Good stuff.

  • It’s the first time that I see them while in use! Thanks for these photos