Hidden Path’s Brass Tactics Delayed Into 2018

by Jamie Feltham • October 6th, 2017

Brass Tactics is shaping up to be one of the most compelling VR strategy games on the horizon, but we’re sadly going to have to wait a bit longer to play it.

The real-time strategy game for the Oculus Rift, developed by Defense Grid 2’s Hidden Path Entertainment, was originally meant to be releasing in just under two weeks’ time on October 19th. This week, though, Oculus announced that it was delaying the game all the way back to February 22nd 2018. “With the extra development time, Hidden Path Entertainment plans to introduce new units and more tech tree options for even more RTS fun,” Oculus said in a blog.

Fear not, though, eager fans will get to play the game a little earlier than February. Hidden Path will be running an open beta in January that will give you time to test out the new additions.

Brass Tactics was revealed at GDC earlier this year. It’s a multiplayer strategy game in which players appear above a map laid out of like a boardgame and command units using the Oculus Touch controllers. We’ve loved what we’ve played of it so far, offering a new twist on a beloved genre from a team that’s worked on beloved games like Age of Empires II.

Now that it’s been delayed, we can’t help but notice Brass Tactic’s original release date was right next to the just-announced October 17th release date of Skyworld, Vertigo Games’ strikingly similar strategy game for Rift, Vive and Windows 10. At least both games will have a little more breathing space following the delay.

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