Hockey Player Is A Multiplayer VR Game That Puts You On The Ice

by Jamie Feltham • May 14th, 2018

Get ready to hit the ice with your VR headset; Brovision’s Hockey Player VR is coming to let you live out your sports fantasies.

A trailer for this new multiplayer VR game arrived over the weekend, and it looks pretty promising. Whereas past games like VR Sports Challenge have only let you play out specific scenarios for certain sports, Hockey Player looks like it will give you the full experience, with realistic puck handling using motion controllers and full player movement. Two and four player online modes will let you pass the puck and take on an AI goalie.

There’s no exact release date yet but Hockey Player is due to release on the Oculus Rift before the end of the month. Releases on SteamVR as well as mobile VR headsets including Oculus Go, Gear VR and Google’s Daydream platform are planned, and cross-platform multiplayer will be supported.

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