HTC clarifies, once and for all, the pronunciation of the Vive

by Will Mason • March 24th, 2015
Also clarifies what company's name goes before it, surprise: it's HTC.

In the weeks after GDC the buzz has been all about this Vive. Or is it the Veeve? Or the reVive? Or some other variation on the pronunciation? It has been a point of confusion in many conversations I have had about the product. So when I ran into HTC Executive Director of Emerging Products (i.e. the guy running the VR program at HTC), Daniel O’Brian, I made sure to ask him to clarify that point.

Here is what he had to say:

So there you have it. It’s the Vive, as in rhymes with five. Debates settled.

Also to note his careful mention that this is also the “developer edition.” This suggests, as we all could likely have guessed, that there will be some changes between the developer edition and “the real one” which will “come at the end of the year.”


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