GDC 2018: HTC Launches Three Ready Player One VR Experiences Today

by Jamie Feltham • March 23rd, 2018

Steven Spielberg’s long-awaited adaptation of Ready Player One finally hits theaters next week, but you can jump into the sci-fi universe today with your HTC Vive.

HTC today announced the launch of three VR apps tying into the movie launching at 9am PT. Each of these will be available on Viveport, the company’s VR software store, though there’s no word on a launch on Steam just yet.

Each of these experiences is accessed by logging into the Oasis beta, a digital hub that shares the same name as the VR metaverse featured in the film. Every game has been developed by a different studio and takes on different mechanics. The first piece, called Battle for the Oasis, has you defeating waves of IOI Sixers on the Planet Doom and is developed by Steel Wool Studios. In Gauntlet, from Directive Games, you’ll navigate a dungeon, trying to survive the hordes of undead that are on the hunt. You can defend yourself with that most trusty of VR weapons, a bow and arrow.

Finally, Drifter Entertainment has developed Rise of the Gunters. It’s another action-focused piece in which you again take the fight to the Sixers.

More releases for the Oasis Beta are expected later down the line, but it looks like there’s plenty to get stuck into for now.

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  • Graham J ⭐️

    I’ll wait for the Steam release.

    • Courtney A Jeff

      Viveport is free and the subscription is free for two weeks.Its worth a try and works for oculus.Praise Jesus my Lord and Savior.

      • Graham J ⭐️

        I’ve tried it. I’ll wait for the Steam release. God is a myth.

        • Courtney A Jeff

          Sorry you feel that way but God through His Son Jesus by the Holy Spirit is more real than anything you can see,touch,smell or feel.The bible says what’s seen is temporary but what’s unseen is eternal.You don’t see air but know it’s there you don’t see inside your body but know it’s there and you don’t see in the next room but know it’s there.

          • SendsV8

            Except you can still feel air or image your insides with xrays, so your attempt at reasoning just failed. Best to just stick to convincing people to believe in [insert geographically biased deity] for it’s own sake instead of using lame attempts at logical reasoning that fail on the most casual observation. Just sayin.

          • polysix

            You are delusional. In fairness, you’re far from alone. thousands of years ago everyone was. Over time the more intellectual and clear thinking evolved.

            You should try it. I mean, really think about it. What you speak of, the bible, everything, is complete and utter BS. A nice story invented many years ago to control people and give them ‘hope’, but it doesn’t tally up with science and reality. Sorry, but go on believing whatever gets you through the day and sound like an idiot spouting to everyone else. 1000 years from now NOBODY will believe in that **** any more.

            “The bible says”

            Exactly, and that’s the problem. It’s a book ffs. A book written BY HUMANS with ulterior motives.

          • Graham J ⭐️

            The Bible is a book whose components were written before the concept of the scientific method. Back then people made up stories about the way the world works because they didn’t have a process by which the answers could be reliably determined.

            Now we do. Reality is not about optics – we do not need to see air, the inside of our body or another place with our eyes because we can experimentally test for their existence.

            Despite massive motivation to experimentally prove the existence of God, it has not been done. That makes your belief baseless and you a fool.

            Stop wasting your time and join us in the real world.

          • Courtney A Jeff

            I don’t understand why people will so quickly take farce,fiction and fabrications as fact like scientific theories from professors or doctorate holders in college and disregard the truth of God’s Word.Better to have a mind of your own and investigate at least the bible and the testimonies of Christians and not be so hasty to just discount it.

          • Graham J ⭐️

            I take as fact that which has been proven. You take as fact the fantastical stories from an ancient book.

            Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.
            – Matthew 7:5

            I’ve read the bible. It has some good ideas about how to live but it is not by any stretch of the imagination a book of fact.

          • Courtney A Jeff

            You got to have faith or at least desire Jesus.Be open to needing Him and not independent from God.What does it profit to gain the world and lose your soul.You can quote the bible and the devil did,demons believe.But to make Jesus Lord and Savior in faith like He said to thomas,you believe because you see but blessed are those who believe and haven’t seen.

          • Graham J ⭐️

            See, you can’t counter anything I’m saying with facts. You just ignore it and spout the same gibberish you’ve been programmed with.

            Enjoy life in dreamland.

          • Gato Satanista

            So… Are you guys really discussing religion on a VR site? Isn’t enough to argue and fight about VR headsets and games?

      • Punk0

        I’ve used Viveport and I hope to never instal it on my pc again. If I were to give Jesus credit for them being on Viveport, I’d also have to criticize him for the fact that they aren’t on Steam or the Oculus store.

  • Courtney A Jeff

    Praise Jesus who is the Son of God and my Lord and Savior.

  • SandmaN

    People, please don’t feed the troll…