HTC Vive, McLaren Tease F1 VR Racing Experience

by Jamie Feltham • November 8th, 2018

It looks like HTC and McLaren’s VR F1 collaboration will be arriving in the west pretty soon.

At the ChinaJoy event earlier this year HTC debuted a partnership with the motor company, putting visitors in the virtual driver seat of a McLaren F1 car. Attendees were able to compete for the fastest lap time in order to earn a spot in the finals of a competition taking place at the McLaren Technology Centre in the UK next January. The grand prize is a place on McLaren’s eSports team.

Today, though, McLaren itself tweeted the above video of what looks to be that very experience, complete with the message ‘Why just be a spectator?’ and the promise that the experience is ‘coming soon’.

Naturally, we have questions. Will this experience be released on Viveport and/or Steam for everyone to get a shot at racing an F1 car, or will it be a location-based tournament? Will there be more to the app than a single track?

Looks like we’ll have to wait to find out more.

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