HTC Expands Vive Sales Online To Best Buy, Walmart And Others

by Charles Singletary • June 19th, 2017

HTC announced today it is expanding the online presence of the HTC Vive to Best Buy’s website,, and other online retailers. There’s no price change to coincide with this, but the visibility alone should be a boon for the VR industry.

“These retailers mark a massive expansion of our online retail presence and are a testament to VR’s march toward the broader consumer market,” says HTC Vive’s US GM Dan O’Brien in HTC’s blog post. “Interest in VR and Vive continues to grow. Paired with recent news with Apple, Google and Intel, we’re seeing major retailers and direct-to-consumer companies endorse Vive as the premier VR experience.”

HTC Vive will also be available on and There’s a limited offer right now where the Vive ships with Star Trek: Bridge Crew throughout June, and those retailers will be supplying customers with the same bundle.

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