HTC Reveals $300 SteamVR 1.0 Tracking Bundle For New Vive Pro Users

by Jamie Feltham • April 3rd, 2018

Last week we reported on the appearance of a Vive Pro Accessories Starter Kit on HTC’s online store. The bundle packed in two base stations and motion controllers — which don’t come with the $799 Vive Pro itself — for $450. Take one look at our comments section, though, and you’ll see fans weren’t exactly happy with that pricing. So, today, HTC is introducing a discount.

A new SteamVR 1.0 tracking bundle is launching for $299 today as Vive Pro begins to ship across the globe. Again, it contains two base stations and two motion controllers, which add up to around $500 when bought separately, saving you over $200. If you were to pick this up with a Pro, the entire package would still break the $1000 barrier at $1098.

Take note, however, that these are first-generation products, and the second generation is expected to arrive later this year. While the SteamVR 2.0 compatible Vive Trackers are already available, HTC is also launching a full Vive Pro bundle with updated controllers and the second iteration of the base station later this year. This revised model can support more than two trackers across larger areas for bigger room scale tracking. You’ll actually need a bigger space yourself for that to matter, though.

Is the $200 cut enough to sway you on picking up a Vive Pro from scratch? Or is it still too high a price to pay?

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  • daveinpublic

    Seems like it would be an issue to buy version 1 trackers if they’re going to be outdated in a year or two.

    • Kryojenix

      They’re going to be outdated in a month or two (or six).
      It’s really a concession for folks who waited 2 years prior to buying into Vive VR, but who want the premium version now, but who also can’t wait 6 more months for the updated tracking stations and controllers…

      • Nozorif

        They’re not going to be “outdated” since the 1.0 hardware works with 2.0 software.

        2.0 hardware is not compatible with 1.0 software though.

        • D.L

          1.0 base stations will work with 2.0 hardware but not the other way around. So if some company releases a new controller or HMD that uses 2.0 tracking it will work for people who still have the old base stations.

          Software should work whatever tracking system is used.

  • Rainfox Wolfstone

    its not listed anymore

  • ARK0047

    That would be amazing. I hope also in Europe

  • Kidjam

    Is there a link to this package, because I cant find it anywhere on their site.

  • Hone McBone

    I wonder if you can mix & match with Steam VR? I’d be tempted to get an Asus or Samsung headset & buy the knuckle controllers & 2.0 lighthouses.

  • Antony Oldham


  • shopat

    $1098 ??? Im buying 2 rifts for multiplayer in dead and buried.