HTC Vive Black Friday Deal Bundles Deluxe Audio Strap

by Jamie Feltham • November 23rd, 2017

Black Friday deals are starting to reveal themselves just a little ahead of time, and the HTC Vive is getting in on the action.

As spotted on Reddit, Office Depot will be selling a Black Friday Vive bundle that includes the headset at the normal price of $699 with the Deluxe Audio Strap thrown in for free. The strap usually costs $99, so this is a great chance to get the best possible setup for your Vive if you don’t already have the headset itself. You’ll of course also get a free pre-order for Fallout 4 VR, which hits in December, but that comes with every Vive purchase right now.

For those that don’t know, the Audio Strap includes integrated earphones for your Vive along with an overall sturdier design that supports the headset better. I was pretty fond of it when I tried it out for a week earlier this year.

We’re not sure if Office Depot will be the only one offering this type of deal this Black Friday, or if Vive itself has a wider plan to implement this bundle across the US, but we’re hoping the latter.

This isn’t the first Black Friday deal we’ve seen; earlier this week we reported that one retailer will be chopping a massive $100 off of the price of Sony’s PlayStation VR, taking it to just $299. We predict lots of people are going to be buying VR headsets over the next few weeks.

What's your reaction?
  • johngrimoldy

    I bought the Audio Strap the first day it became available — it was/is a significant upgrade to my Vive. It significantly changes the fit of the Vive. I always felt my Vive was in danger of falling off if I bent over too far when using the standard stretchy-strap. Now I can easily torque the unit down like an Alien face-hugger. Honestly though, it should be standard equipment, not a $100 add-on option at this point. Though happy with the product, I still feel that $100 was a bit steep.

    • Crunchy005

      I wish they sold a cheaper strap without the built-in headphones. I love the strap, but it would be nice to have an easier way to use my over-ear headphones I was using before the strap. Either way the headphones on the strap are good, but not as good as the headphones I was using.

      • johngrimoldy

        Agreed. They’re good, but not quite as good as high quality ear-cup headphones.

        • mirak

          Same for me, but it makes the headset easier to use so I am ok with it.

    • mirak

      You can be happy that a product you bought 950€ has hardware upgrades one year after buying it.

      I mean this was your case it seems.

      There are standalone headphones that are more expensive than that.
      Maybe they have better quality but they are not an accessory that few people will buy.

  • Evgeni Zharsky

    I think your pricing info is a bit off. PSVR normally costs $299, $100 off would bring sale price to $199 and Vive is currently $599, not $699.

  • jewlz

    Vive had a permanent price drop to $599. The audio strap is $99 so your “deal” of $699 is exactly $1 more than buying them separately lol.

    • iggyvolz

      Typo, it should say $599 as it is on the ad

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