HTC Vive US GM: We ‘Met Our Targets’ And Are ‘Very Happy’ With Sales

by David Jagneaux • July 24th, 2017

One day the world will know how many VR headsets exist in the world like we do iPhones, game consoles, and move tickets. One day…maybe. As it stands, companies like HTC, Oculus, and even Google are being very tight-lipped about how many Vives, Rifts, and Daydream Views they’ve sold (respectively) and it’s making it very difficult to paint a solid picture of what the VR market actually looks like. Other than over one million PlayStation VR (PSVR) headsets and over five million Samsung Gear VR headsets, we really have no idea how many are out there, regardless of what analysts try to predict.

Nevertheless, most of the hardware manufacturers appear to be happy. In a recent interview with, HTC’s GM of US Vive, Dan O’Brien, said as much:

“We actually met our targets, what we thought we would sell in terms of volumes. We don’t release our numbers publicly, but we’re actually very happy with it. We’ve also started to really penetrate the non-game space and the enterprise space, and all those use cases…In terms of our first year, 2016, it was really a kick-off year. 2017 is the ecosystem year where we turn our attention to partners to come work with us. That’s why we came out with the Tracker and opening up the ecosystem of things that could work with a tracked headset. We have Viveport, and having a store dedicated to non-game content, and the growth of things like subscription…We’re using a lot of different tactics to actually grow the industry.”

The rest of the interview at the link above talks about the VR industry as a whole, the role AAA developers will play, and what the landscape looks like as we head into the second half of 2017.

As it stands, Oculus recently earned a lot of goodwill in the court of public opinion by way of its massive price drop putting the Rift + Touch bundle at a mere $399. After the limited sale period it will only then be $499, which is actually right around the price it’d take to get the headset, tracking camera, and Move controllers for Sony’s PSVR. A new PS4 system to use their headset is still noticeably cheaper than a VR-ready PC, though.

Do you own an HTC Vive? Are you part of the sales that helped HTC hit their targets? Let us know what you think of O’Brien’s quote in the comments below!

Note: A previous version of this article misprinted Dan O’Brien’s title at HTC. It was updated on July 25th at 10:30AM.

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  • Duane Locsin

    Have been planning to get a Vive since its launch and reviews last year and finally got around to getting one earlier this month.
    (An early adopter -have Gear VR and PSVR as well)

    I don’t expect VR, let alone high end PC VR to have huge numbers for at least a couple of years. Price, features, content..
    but it has shown itself to stay and can only evolve from here on end.

    *ps. Would like Vive to come build a sufficient treadmill device. Vive is the premium VR headset, I’m ok to pay for a premium treadmill.

    • Justos

      You fell for that? The “premium” device should mean so in terms of quality, not just “premium price”. Whats so premium about spending another 100$ on a headstrap to not make the HMD push down on your face, and those 130$ replacement controllers are FAR from premium. Also valve’s store is not offering the best content. Ide say the Oculus store is more “premium”.

      The rift and vive are 95% on par, both have advantages and flaws. if that marketing speak is worth 400$ to you, then enjoy.

      • Kev

        Somewhat misguided response. The headstrap has some nice integrated headphones that would probably cost you $100+ on their own. Lighthouse tech is indeed better than the Ovr trackers in numerous tangible ways (they can track more devices and have better coverage). I have both an Oculus and a Vive and do indeed enjoy them both but to say Oculus is more “premium” is just plain disingenuous. The Vive get’s more of my family’s time. I do think it’s time for both HTC and OVR to release new versions of their headsets though.

        • Justos

          Of course its worth it on its own. But you forget the current package is not worth 800$. Not even close. You pay to fix the hmds flaws.

          The vive is a bad investment for the average VR user today. The extra space for roomscale is negligible because users simply don’t have that kind of space. Not even current vive owners. If you do, more power to you. Get a vive. Objects can be tracked with touch already and they aren’t 100$ a puck. I would not burn 500$ for an equal system. I prefer the rifts lenses and it has a higher perceived pixel density. I sold my vive and will never look back because HTC is overpriced. Maybe the next steam headset can actually compete with the rift on price and features together.

          • Cl

            I agree I’d get oculus because of the price right now. However I still think vive is the better headset. Not $400 better though. Roomscale isn’t a negative because you don’t have to use it. Roomscale on oculus you need a third camera that you have to buy. You can also use the vive wand to track objects. Really the only thing oculus has on vive is price.

          • Crunchy005

            setting up roomscale with 3 cameras is far trickier than 2 lighthouses that don’t need to attach to the computer. If you want roomscale Vive is a no brainer, but if you just want VR and don’t care much about roomscale Oculus is a no brainer.

          • Justos

            You’re really reaching dude.

            “Far trickier to setup”, I set mine up in 10 minutes. No issues with drivers or usbs. Screws in the wall and all. Flawless tracking ever since. I have a friend who continues to own a vive and has had to return a number of times because of faulty basestations.

            “? Taping a controller to an object isn’t tracking “extra” objects,” – actually, it is. And it works well. Until we see actual games making use of more than my hands + tracked objects I would not say that this feature is worth using in the home. Again, 100$ per puck? No thanks. Oculus touch is the perfect size for attaching to things, Vive NEEDS pucks because the controllers are huge and clunky.

            You say you have a huge room, is it over the oculus recommended size? You might be surprised by how large you can actually get with 3-4 constellation sensors. (which is still hundreds cheaper than a vive) You speak like someone who has only read about the rift on r/vive and have very little knowledge of the product but have rehearsed its pain points.

            “no need to have usb cables everywhere” If you mount your sensors for roomscale (which everyone does) then it takes two seconds to apply something which keeps the wires on the walls, and it can look neat. Sure, it would be better without wires, or even needing USB, but it sounds like you get all your arguments from r/vive and you should probably try something before knocking it. I would take using 3 USBs over paying +4-500$ for the same experience (inferior in some ways) any day!

          • saluk

            You make a pretty strong case that if you are an average home user, the Oculus is the better buy. You also make a pretty strong case that the Vive is the premium product. Which is what you were arguing against in the first place.

          • polysix

            Vive is NOT the better headset? Have you had both? I have. Rift absolutely KILLS the HMD vs HMD debate. You know why, if you don’t then see my other replies here or google. Stop repeating that vive’s headset is somehow better, its worse, much much worse, both ergonomically and screen wise (so games inc the lab look BETTER on the rift by default!), and has much better controls too.

            This BS has to end. Get over the facebook hate and grab a bargain while you can. Vive is dead now.

          • Cl

            My opinion. Mainly the tracking and not needing to connect 3 cameras to my pc. Also I like the track pads better than thumbsticks. Knuckles controllers will be great when it comes out. If we are talking about just the hmd itself I think oculus more comfortable. Haven’t tried the deluxe strap yet though.

            Not enough for me to say oculus is better. At $400 cheaper it is though

          • Crunchy005

            ” Extra objects can be tracked with touch already” – Are we referring to rock band here? Taping a controller to an object isn’t tracking “extra” objects, you could do the same with a vive wand if you wanted to. The vive tracker allow you to have 2 hands plus other objects, not 1 hand and an object.

            The ability to easily set up a bigger play area in my living room from time to time, when people come over is very nice, on the Oculus this would be a much more difficult task, although the oculus can’t support a playspace this big either. The need to run large USB cables is out of the question and it wouldn’t even work with how my Vive playspace is set up. I do not have 3 mounting points for the Oculus cameras that would work with their limited field of view, and I don’t want to have to run through the setup process every time I use the Oculus just because I need to buy tripods to hold the camera in a spot that would work. My vive has two lighthouses that are mounted and never move, unless I remove them from the hard mounts and use my tripods downstairs for a much larger playspace. All I have to do to use my Vive is pop on the headset and open a game, roomscale is always perfect and no need to have USB cables everywhere.

    • Mario-Galouzeau de Bocsa

      When both headset released, Vive seemed like a more complete option. When Touch released, you could still prefer Vive over rift : both were pretty similar, but Vive still had the aura of roomscale and Oculus struggling with image issues. I get that : many ppl still prefered Vive over rift.
      But now Oculus has controlers, officially supports roomscale, and cut price by 2, I find it hard to respect that kind of choice. And you don’t seem to have that much money to spend, you have been saving for it the all time.

      You probably never compared Vive and Rift before making your decision, it’s based on marketing. If you ever have the oportuniy, you’ll see you wasted your money big time. Especially when buying over 1 year old technology, exactly same price than release. I wouldn’t want to be you on that day.

      • Crunchy005

        To be fair if he has a big play space the vive can handle much larger play spaces than the Rift can, and for that it’s worth it. Needing to run 15 foot USb cables around a playspace just to get a smaller playspace than the vive is dumb. The Rift at $400 is great, but the lighthouse ecosystem currently seems to be getting more support than oculus’s system.

        • Mario-Galouzeau de Bocsa

          Vive has the best tracking solution so far. No one denies. If I had 5X5m to dedicate to VR, I probably would have chosen Vive at release, but Oculus now, or wait for gen2. I have limited budget myself. But he didn’t buy the Vive because he has such a big space ( in that case why not ), he bought it because, and I quote “Vive is the premium VR headset”.

          • Crunchy005

            To be fair I’ve tried the Rift at several locations and headset feels cheap and I’m really not a fan of it. The foam on the headset is thin and less comfortable than the vive, the cloth is not going to be as durable over time, and the lens adjustment slider just felt like it was going to break the instant I touched it. Performance wise it’s on par with Vive, but build quality of the oculus seems lower than the vive, on top of the that the Oculus does not have a pass through camera, which I use every time I put my vive on.

          • Mario-Galouzeau de Bocsa

            Vive is so premium and well built that you felt the need to spend an extra 100 dollars just for the strap, audio solution is included in the rift. Not to mention contolers. By the way, I had it for over a year, still waiting for it to break. I read different feedbacks about the Vive, ppl struggling a long time with HTC support just to get things done.

          • Crunchy005

            The stock strap on the vive is fairly comfortable actually, once you adjust it correctly, the audio strap is just easier in the end. As for audio solution I just used my headset from my computer and that offered great immersion, better than the oculus built in headphones. The on ear design just allows to much exterior noise in. There was the issue with the little rubber bit coming out on the trackpads, but otherwise the controllers have been flawless for me…even if I hit the walls pretty hard at times when I first got it, I’ve learned. I bought my headset when oculus was still about the same price, at $400 the oculus is great, but the camera setup still makes things difficult if you want roomscale at all.

            “I read different feedbacks about the Vive, ppl struggling a long time with HTC support just to get things done.” – As for this you can find issues on all sides when it comes to reading feedback on forums and stuff like that. The thing is that is usually the 1% who have problems, the majority that have no problems aren’t going on forums constantly to complain about their working product, gotta take that stuff with a grain of salt. I myself haven’t had a single issue so far with the hardware, it’s worked perfectly from day one. As for durability, we are only 1 year in, lets get 2 or 3 in and see where these things sit. If the Vive turns out to be more durable and have a better resale value then I will be saving money when second gen comes around. One reason I have kept with iPhone is the resale value and trade-in deals that Android doesn’t get. I haven’t paid for an iPhone in many years, I just trade in for a free upgrade every time. By the way I did get the original 2g iphone and since then I have sold the previous gen phone for the price it cost me to upgrade, or I got a free trade-in. for me I think the vive has a better chance of good resale value, especially since the lighhouse system seems like it’s going to be fairly modular and supported by multiple companies. If the new LG headset comes out using the lighthouse system I can upgrade my HMD and sell my first gen Vive HMD, keep controllers and lighthouses and probably spend a nominal amount for the upgrade. Knuckle controllers come out, buy those and sell my wands.

          • Mario-Galouzeau de Bocsa

            “Knuckle controllers come out, buy those and sell my wands.”

            To whom ? You can’t get Vive without wands, meaning 100% of Vive owners already have their own. I can’t think of a different heaset that could benefit those controlers ? LG ?
            You are placing a lot of guesses and efforts to increase the value of your headset in the long run. All we know for sure is one costs twice as much as the other.

          • Crunchy005

            True, but I bought my vive when the Oculus was the same price for a lesser roomscale experience. Merely mentioning the fact that that could happen, not that it will. I’m not trying to increase the value of my headset, but the idea that it can be module is attractive, and I paid $700 for my headset during black friday, so yay me, even more value. Even if I bought now i would probably get the vive as roomscale is unobtainable for me with the camera system from oculus with the spaces I have to set up in and I love the roomscale. Although it sounds like you are trying to downplay how much hassle running USb cables and the limited field of view of the cameras makes roomscale, downplay the lack of build quality on Oculus. we all try to justify our purchases one way or another. And every person has a price they are willing to payy for convenience, I mean I have a roomba you think I don’t want an easy roomscale setup?

          • Mario-Galouzeau de Bocsa

            In case you didn’t notice, I am not arguing with ppl buying Vive at that time ( as said before it was a reasonable choice ) but with ppl buying a Vive NOW because premium is always more expensive.

            I had to put 3rd sensor wire under a carpet, how hard is this. And I have the same space I would have had with Vive. You’re telling me it’s worth 400 dollars ? I guess we don’t have same value of money. No point to keep on with this.

          • Crunchy005

            “I had to put 3rd sensor wire under a carpet” – Carpet or rug? Now what about when you want to move the oculus to another play space? There are plenty of reasons to still get the Vive even at twice the price if you are buying for room scale. Also what was the cost of your USB cables, are you using tripods? or are the cameras all sitting on a table somewhere, what kind of likelyhood is there of someone tripping on that USB cable? Do you have to move them when your not using the oculus thus requiring you to redo the room setup? There might be a difference in what we value convenice at, but how much time do you spend doing a room setup on Oculus vs. me doing it 3 times since I bought it. Once on initial setup, once when I brought it downstairs, and redid the setup when I brought it back up, it’s been perfect since. Mainly I don’t think your justified in calling the guy an idiot for paying more for the vive, I think the ease of setup is a premium feature, Ikea furniture is cheaper, but setup is far more work.

          • Mario-Galouzeau de Bocsa

            As said before, no point to keep on with this, if Duane Locsin cares to respond, I might even apologize to imply he’s an idiot, but he’d better have a better case than it’s premium.

          • polysix

            Vive is in no way ‘premium’, you and I know that. We’ve said enough here. Lets leave the head buriers in denial. It really is their loss. They’ll never know what they are passing up for this amazing $400…

            The best VR thing ever created so far (Lone Echo and Echo Arena) are currently the best thing to hit VR since it began, it’s on THE best Gen 1 VR system (the rift) played properly with PROPER rift controllers not via revive hacks with stupid wands. People missing out on that based on a daft/incorrect perception of ‘premium’ just cos HTC said it once (way before Rift had decent tracking and packed in controls) are stupid.

          • polysix

            Crunchy, seriously mate you are living in denial. There’s no other word for it. We get it you love the vive, well you THINK you do. Get a rift and put them properly side by side for a month. I guarantee you’ll sell the vive fast. I did. Vive just can’t compare sorry. I know I sound annoying and very ‘fanboy’ ish pro rift, but I never was, for ages I was anti facebook and pro-vive, but when I owned a Vive? I hated it after a month and had to sell it. It was so clunky, so unrefined, SDE was bad almost as bad as my DK2, the ring reflections often killed immersion, it had grotty shitty blacks (dirty) ie in ‘the blue’ – terrible! that isn’t VR!! my DK2 was btter than that screen/lens wise ffs! The strap was awful, the front heavy HMD was annoying to even get into VR and took ages to get right each time I put it on.. seriously it was a giant PITA.

            Got rift and it’s like you aren’t even wearing anything on your head it’s so comfy and light, no stupid heavy strap over the top of th head, controllers MILES ahead, software MILES ahead, best of all screen quality/SDE MILES ahead… add in built in phones, better ergonomics and luxury feel/finish and HALF THE PRICE?

            Please just stop. Sell the damn Vive dev kit and buy a rift before it’s too late. Lone echo with PROPER controls and LOW SDE awaits…

          • Crunchy005

            So pretty much all your points are subjective and you ignore the cons of the rift. Also as for “quality” some people are ok with the thing hollow sounding plastic door panels on toyota’s(rift) I for one find it cheap feeling, like the rift(subjective). As for headphones who cares, I already have headphones to use…I bought a 4 inch 3.5mm cable and used my very nice over ear PSB headphones($300) for the Vive and it blows away anything the oculus can offer in immersion sound wise with its…”premium” headphones. I cant help that Apple ear pods are the height of your headphone experience. As for the strap, when put on properly is fairly comfortable and the vive foam being thicker makes the headset not feel like hard plastic against your face, still these are opinions and I prefer the vive as are your points, don’t call me a lier like your opinion is in some way fact. If I had a gift I would be entirely unable to do room-scale because of the need for a proper third sensor and the limited field of view of those sensors would not work well in my space(not a size issue, placement issue). I also would not be able to leave the sensors in place all the time and would have to do the room setup everytime I play, I don’t on the vive, that seems like such a premium feature for the rift over the vive. You seem to be trying desperately to justify your purchase, almost feels like you spent money you don’t have, lol. Please leave as you have lost all credit with your profabity and are clearly completely blind to one side of this. I have mentiondd multiple times hat the rift is an amazing offer st $400 and because of its cons that’s the only way I would have bought that over vive, but it was a similar price to the vive with no room-scale when I bought my vive. I’m assuming you overpaid for your rift and now your mad it’s so cheap and on sale, gotta continue to justify the fact that the rift should somehow cost $600+

          • polysix

            “To be fair I’ve tried the Rift at several locations and headset feels cheap and I’m really not a fan of it.”

            BULLSHIT! I’ve had both and nothing about the rift feels cheap next to Vive (vive feels like a dev kit ffs). You are liar and are repeating LIES you’ve read on the net, you can’t lie to an ex vive owner and current rift owner. You are stupid, sorry, Rift is a beautiful polished HMD it’s not ‘cloth’ in the soft cloth sense either (which proves you’ve only seen photos of it) it feels like high quality mesh with an overall feeling of quality, you saw mistreated rifts in phootos? cool I’ll show you a hundred bashed up vives with broken wands and scuffs too. RIft, if you look after it as you should, is gorgeous, every part of it feels like utter quality.

            Please stop lying.

          • Crunchy005

            “high quality mesh with an overall feeling of quality” – purely an opinion not a fact.

            “saw mistreated rifts in phootos” – whne did I start talking about mistreated rifts? Also there are always people that will destroy things no matter the product, this is your logic to determine that I haven’t used a rift?

            “every part of it feels like utter quality.” – lol, the desperation is strong with you. I mentioned the lens adjustment slider as feeling cheap as that’s the first thing that stood out to me, it’s a tiny plastic slider that gives you unrefined control of the lenses. The vive’s knob gives you much more precise control and doesn’t feel like it will break in two days of use having multiple people using it. Keep trying to justify things

          • daveinpublic

            “purely an opinion not a fact.” Yes, but it seems like more of these positive opinions appear every day on boards like this. That’s a good sign for Oculus Rift.

          • Crunchy005

            Ya, well he is trying to pass an opinion off as fact. I like the Oculus and it being cheaper now will help grow the VR ecosystem, although the first impressions of the Rift is not Quality build, along with plenty of room-scale cons, I couldn’t justify the rift for myself. At $400 I would probably get it though if I didn’t already have my vive.

        • polysix

          Had both. Rift is better than Vive. It’s THAT simple. Anyone who’s truly had both knows this. THose who’ve only had vive are in denial. Tracking is a non issue now and about the ONLY thing you can throw out in a VS debate. Everything else is so much better on the rift it’s like gen 1.5 vs the Vive which is close to dev kit quality (I should know I’ve had DK2, Vive, PSVR and Rift). All sold except for Rift. It’s a beautiful piece of work and gives by far the best quality of experience, visually, ergonomically and controller wise. The touch controllers are gorgeous, beautiful in the hand and the analog sticks are perfection and so much better than those shitty, unreliable vive touch pads… ugh.

          Tracking is on par wtih vive for most things, and for those super large rooms? it’s a non issue for 99% of people.. believe me I followed the Vive hype first, I bought Vive at launch, I was against facebook cos of the price lie and lack of touch etc… at $400 I bought in and was blown away by the quality of rift, from oculus home, to everything I mentioned, it made using VR fun again. I had given up on gen 1 after owning them all.. until I got rift. Phew… saved.

          Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, that facebook money actually delivered a much better product than janky HTC could.

    • polysix

      “Vive is the premium VR headset,”

      LMAO. Wrong. Stop parroting HTC’s marketing speak. RIFT is the premium system for half the price. I’ve had both. Believe me or not, am sick of trying to help you guys not miss out on a bargain while it’s on offer.

      I sold my vive, there was fuck all premium about it, FUCK ALL, it was janky, ugly, uncomfy, bad SDE, bad ergonomics, shitty wands, the only good thing I could say about it was it has superb tracking (but my rift now feels almost the same on tracking) but everything else is most definitely ‘more premium’ (superior) on the rift.

      If you ever try one, like some of us ex-vivers did, you’ll realise what shit you are speaking and drop the vive on ebay faster than you can say ‘fuck me.. only $400 for THIS quality?’. Seriously rift feels like it should cost twice what Vive does, yet costs half. The clarity of the screen alone (Far less SDE and looks higher res thanks to pixel packing) is what makes it already better, add in the amazing ergonomics and luxury feel that runs throughout from HMD to controls to even the packaging. Rift is the premium package by far and I write with such passion cos am so annoyed by seeing those who’ve only tried one talk BS about ‘premium’, you don’t know the meaning of the word if you’ve only tried Vive. It felt barely more premium than my DK2 did (on the HMD).

  • Thoemse

    I got a vive with the Deluxe audio strap. With that addition it is a great VR device and I like it more than the rift (had one of the first rifts and sold it on).
    That being said I would buy a rift if I’d be in the market for a vR device now. 400 $ is so much cheaper and the differences are miniscule. You’d have to absolutely hate facebook ot take a vive over the rift at this price point.

    • Dwayne Johnson

      I fucking hate facebook.

      • Why? I’m always interested to know peoples reasons for this opinion.

        • Justos

          I bet this guy has a mobile phone, you would be surprised how much more stuff they get from you from those things than facebook does. Oh but lets just hate on facebook because its the internet.

          • Crunchy005

            To be completely anonymous these days is ridiculously hard, I can’t hate on any one company as google, apple, microsoft, etc. already have and sell my data. Even my IPS can do that now, so really I just can’t have internet at all if I don’t want people to have my data. Going back to CDs and DVDs to get my games installed.

        • NooYawker

          I care about my privacy, same reason I don’t use Google apps or services. Before anyone makes the asinine response that everyone does it, no everyone does not do it to the extent of FB or Google.

          • Crunchy005

            Windows 10, sorry couldn’t help myself.

          • NooYawker

            Yes MS tried to get in on the action, but it can all be turned off. But there isn’t really a choice when it comes to desktop computers. Mac or PC. Like gaming? Then it’s only PC. No one has to use Facebook or Google.

          • Get Schwifty!

            You really have no way of knowing what they do, disclaimers not withstanding. You can be sure that off-shore companies are collecting every bit of data they can.

    • mirak

      Il would still get a vive because of the better tracking.

      • polysix

        Well then you are a damn fool. I’ve had both, and the rift is absolutely the best gen 1 system going. And it’s half price. What a weirdo. I’ve also had PSVR and even THAT was better than vive in many ways (but has terrible tracking and underpowered PS4 but as an hmd it was much better than Vive.. and Rift is much better than both!)

        I sold my vive it was terrible, more like a dev kit, awful ergonomics, terrible SDE and tons of tracking bugs.
        Rift in 2017? at $400? is superb, tracking ALMOST on par with vive esp for any standard room, much better controls, WAY comfier ergonomics, much nicer to use (for hours), much clearer/sharper resolution in the centre, way better sweet spot, built in headphones (good quality) without having to buy ANOTHER janky add on strap like vive, analog sticks are much better and more useful and more fun than vive pads… christ the list is almost endless on why Rift now beats Vive, and vive has just ONE tiny positive – it has more robust SUPER LARGE room tracking IF and I repeat IF that even matters to most (and it doesn’t – I thought room scale was going to be awesome but it wasn’t – even a small 360 space with enough movement for fun is ok – unless you have a warehouse it’s still limited by physics!)

        But sure.. spend twice as much for a really piss poor experience. Wise.

        • mirak

          I just don’t mind 400€ if after that you can get wireless, eye tracking upgrades, new controllers.
          There is no upgradability promises with the rift yet.

      • Get Schwifty!

        It isn’t 300-400 dollars difference in tracking quality, I assure you. And to back up Polysix, the tracking has never been better IF you have a system that can support the USB requirements, that is still a hitch, but that seems to be improving over time as well. There, in case anyone thinks I blindly support Oculus 🙂

        • mirak

          It doesn’t matter, the tracking is still better.

    • polysix

      I’ve had Vive (first at launch) and rift (at $400!!!). I sold the vive, i actually frigging hated the damn thing, SDE, Awful ergonomics, BAD lens flares (I mean rings not soft god rays like rift), sketchy reliability, jitter tracking gremlines, basestation bugs, shitty htc support… was glad to get rid of it within a month, made a great profit.

      Bought rift in the sale, and fuck me it’s SO much better it’s like gen 1.5 next to Vive. So I can only assume you’ve not actually really tried rift. If you had you’d not it’s easiliy the best Gen 1 device due to ergonomics, controls and screen clarity/quality (It’s much MUCH sharper with less SDE than Vive). Vive felt more like my DK2 than a true gen 1 device. Early on it was cool cos of tracking + motion controls, Rift is there now.. .and much better controls (and software inc oculus home)

      I realy don’t like facebook either, but you’d be stupid to let that stop you buying the better system for half the price with the most polished software built natively for it and TOUCH (not revive with janky hacks)

      • Vlad

        Is Oculus paying you for your responses? You are really not honest about Oculus disadvantages and Vive advantages, like a typical used car salesman. Just bashing the other side without weighing the pros/cons makes YOU less credible, especially when there are honest people discussing in the same post. Also, bashing other peoples opinions and using profanity makes your opinion less reliable…

        • M0rdresh

          He is just sharing his experience, not every write has to be a scientific study.
          Trading profanity with juvinity aside, you seem to bash more than the one you criticize.

      • Get Schwifty!

        Do my eye’s deceive me??? Polysix is now a Rift fan???

  • Marvin McPortain

    I’m a happy Vive owner for a bit more than a year now. The hardware quality is very good, both conceptually and in execution (good materials, very customizable, etc.). Firmware is also quite reliable and well supported (developed by Valve).

    The software stack is still oriented towards early adopters; users are waiting for more mainstream developers to step in. Tons of innovation going on in the development space; indie developers are describing VR as “wild west of possibilities”.

    The biggest drawback of the Vive is the spotty to abysmal hardware support if something breaks. No end user should have to deal with this level of annoyance and non-resposiveness. HTC never puts any money into post-sales customer service, and that shows here as well.

  • wheeler

    Looks like HTC is targeting markets that Oculus isn’t. I still think they need a price drop. $600 after the Oculus sale is up and it will still be competitive with gamers. But maybe a SteamVR competitor will need to step in to force their hand.

    If I didn’t have a Vive right now, I honestly wouldn’t buy any of the systems simply because there is quite likely much better stuff coming in the next year. And while I’m satisfied with my purchase as an enthusiast, I think all of the non-enthusiast gamers saying they’re “waiting for gen 2” have the right mindset even with a $400/$500 system in the market. $400 is still a good chunk of change.

  • NooYawker

    I bought the Vive when it was the only one that had room scale. Today with the Oculus price cut would I make the same decision? Yes, because I refuse to allow Facebook to put webcams in my home. I’d rather pay a few hundred more. Am I loyal to HTC? hell no, next gen I’ll choose what system I think is best, and it needs to run off of steam. I won’t buy any system that won’t run steam.

    • polysix

      You’re missing out on the best gen 1 VR experience hands down. Believe me I had a vive and hated it. Bought rift ONLY cos it was on offer and wished I’d got over my facebook paranoia/hate earlier cos it’s so much better than vive. Not even a little bit, but a LOT. It’s actually usable and a pleasure to use day in day out – better screens better lenses better controls better ergonomics better software and now MUCH better price.

      I see so many people putting facebook hate against owning the best VR system out there, it’s ridiculous. FB are doing NOTHING with those cameras!! NOTHING! and I hate facebook just as anyone does! The thing is the damn thing is ONLY $400, the touch controllers alone feel as if they are worth $200 they are so much better than the shitty vive wands! the HMD is glorious and much better in reality than photos, and feels great to wear unlike Vive (face hugging brick).

      Vive is dead, it had its time, Rift is the go-to for gen 1 now until someone else tops it. The vive is quite literally like a piece of shit next to the rift. Fuck even my DK2 and PSVR felt better than donning the Vive.

    • M0rdresh

      I’m no fan of Facebook, don’t even have an account, but that webcam conspiracy theory is a stretch mate.
      Most corporations are pretty much alike, I’m sure if HTC had an equal successful social media their practices would not be any holier sort of speak. Nonetheless, entirely your prerogative to vote with your wallet – don’t get me wrong.

      • Get Schwifty!

        It’s been shown that its a joke; even if you could hack it its not very good. I worry more about my phone than anything else…

  • Abe Kim

    As a Vive and HTC M10 owner, can’t wait until LG steps into HTC playspace with their own SteamVR/lighthouse supported headset. There is a reason why HTC is pretty much non-existent in the mobile market. Poor business decisions, marketing and customer support can’t save this company from going belly up.

    Seriously HTC, if you can make a drastic cut in prices then at the very least make your “Deluxe Audio Strap” standard and included any new Vive purchase.

    I’ve recently demoed my Vive to 5 co-workers who were blown away and interested in getting into VR. My recommendation to them was simply going with the Rift with the current prices. The $300-400 in savings means they can beef up their 1070 and put it into an upgrade for a 1080Ti!!!

    • Get Schwifty!

      Rather amazing considering HTC is a… phone company…

  • VR Geek

    As a ViVe owner since launch the really only lesson learned is to never buy anything from HTC. Their customer support is the worst I have ever experienced from a tech company. I will never buy from them again without drastic changes and glowing customer feedback. Why Google shoes choose them to build the pixel is a mystery.

    • polysix

      Agreed, HTC are awful, They overcharge for EVERYTHING. Am so glad I sold my Vive before it became a money pit… with add ons and replacement stuff costing far more than it should, and you’d still have the worst system. I’ve had Vive, PSVR and Rift (and DK2) and RIFT is the only gen 1 system I can recommend, it’s the ONLY one that has everything covered from decent tracking to ergonomics to screen quality (low SDE and HIGH sweet spot) and now to price too. It’s a no brainer… but ironically people who buy the VIVE now are the ones with no brains.

      their loss.

  • polysix

    They won’t be happy with sales anymore. Arrogant assholes.

    • Vlad

      How much is Oculus paying you for your responses? You are OBVIOUSLY not honest about Oculus disadvantages and Vive advantages, like a typical used car salesman. Just bashing the other side without weighing the pros/cons makes YOU less credible, especially when there are honest people discussing in the same post. Also, bashing other peoples opinions and using profanity makes your opinion less reliable…