GDC 2018: HTC Drops Price Of The Original Vive Package To $500

by Ian Hamilton • March 19th, 2018

Today’s announcement of the price for an HTC Vive Pro upgrade also brings with it a permanent global price drop for the original HTC Vive package.

The original Vive headset, controllers and base stations now sell for $500. That’s a $300 drop from their original price at launch in April 2016, but still $100 more than the price set by Oculus Rift last year.

The Vive doesn’t included integrated headphones like the Rift, but the Rift only includes two sensors at its starting initial price. For the same level of movement freedom you’ll have to spend around $60 more for a third Rift sensor. On the other hand, a Deluxe Audio Strap providing a similar kind of sound experience to the Rift adds $100 to the Vive’s price.

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