HTC Vive Pro Is $1,400 With Controllers And New Base Stations

by Ian Hamilton • April 25th, 2018

A complete version of the HTC Vive Pro system with next generation base stations is around $1,400 plus tax.

The new bundle announced today by HTC includes two future-proof base stations that, when combined with a future software update and two additional units, should ultimately enable SteamVR 2.0 Tracking across a huge 10 meter by 10 meter space.

The existing Vive Pro bundle brings together the Vive Pro HMD with original generation base stations which can only track as far five meters by five meters, for around $1,100 plus tax. The Vive Pro HMD is $800 on its own as an upgrade for people who already have base stations and controllers.

While this new Vive Pro package is seemingly expensive by consumer standards — you could buy a Rift plus its PC counterpart for roughly the same price as this $1,400 Vive Pro system — this particular bundle is specifically geared toward the highest end professional buyers. Also of note that “Commercial use” of the system requires an additional $200 service that includes “device management” utilities, support and “tailored hardware warranties.”

Our first look at Valve’s 2.0 base station technology seen at CES 2018.

Some VR startups building location-based attractions use reliable but expensive OptiTrack or Vicon cameras to make large-scale backpack-powered VR systems work. The cost of those cameras can add up very quickly into the hundreds of thousands of dollars though. A few thousand dollars for a Vive Pro HMD, four 2.0 base stations, Vive Trackers and Trackstraps are affordable in comparison. This Vive Pro system could potentially provide full-body tracking for certain kinds of medium-sized location-based VR attractions. This use is a hypothetical right now because expanding the play space that far depends on a software update “to be delivered at a later date.”

Two of the 2.0 base stations, which we glimpsed for the first time at CES earlier this year, are included with the purchase of the $1,400 system and can track up to six meters by six meters. It is also worth noting that HTC just released an AR-focused software kit for the Vive Pro, effectively turning the device into a development unit for building both VR and AR experiences.

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  • Ian

    They must be out of their damn minds!

  • Nosfar

    Its simply just not a midrange product. That being said i now hope pimax or oculus destroys them.

    • Gerald Terveen

      because we need less competition?

      • Nosfar

        Nope ,simply becuse they pissed me off with thier pricing of the headset for early adapters. I dont think about the fate of the world every time i post a comment on Discus.

        • Shponglefan

          Like anything in nascent tech markets, prices will come down in time. Compare the sticker shock of the original Rift and Vive price reveals versus what we have now. The prices for those kits have dropped considerably for both,

        • NooYawker

          Their original pricing was fair. You got full room scale, sensors and touch controllers. Rift had an xbox controller and one sensor. So you have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • Nosfar

            Ok man ,i own the Vive, oculus rift cv1,dk2,gear vr,dell vr ,oddessy on the way,virtuix omni,a gtx 1080TI i78700k,z370 aorus gaming7 mobo.built my own head set in 2014 that even Phil Chen said was impressive for a guy from nowhere. Id say i have an idea what im discussing. 800 for a twice updated headstrap with built in audio( thats reviewing poorly even with the patch) and a updated screen that offers no more then a oddessey that sells for 450 other then a few ghz, and a blue paint job is unacceptable and a money grab. NOW had they included lighthouse and controllers it would be fair.

          • NooYawker

            You said early adopter. Early adopters bought vr systems when they first came out. That was when the first consumer products came out. If you’re talking about today then you’re no longer an early adopter

          • Nosfar

            Ok misunderstanding, i was discussing that they said the Vive pro headset would be released as a stand alone at a discounted price for the early adopters< the first version was very fairly priced for what it came with. Agreed

          • NooYawker

            And I agree Vive Pro is ridiculously priced.

    • elev8d

      We don’t need anyone to destroy them. We just need LG or Samsung to release a lighthouse based HMD. The price on this whole system would quickly drop to around $600 or less. The potential of the system with AR added, and once 16+ lighthouses are enabled is going to be huge for arcades… especially with Gen 2 is released. This is great right now for those arcades building for a future a couple years out.

    • duplissi

      I have had the pleasure of using one, it is better thanthe original vive, but the difference (while on paper seems big), is not significant enough to warrant the price they are asking.

    • Arv

      They don’t need anyone to destroy them, they’re quite capable of doing that themselves. I think the Vive Pro will put them out of business before the end of the year, which is going to be a bad thing for VR.

      Sensible money would be on Oculus releasing a CV2 next year with at least a 2K resolution. Only giving the Vive Pro 1.5K resolution is going to hurt them next year even if the price of the Vive Pro was reasonable. And if Oculus have nailed foveated rendering then we’ll end up seeing them releasing a 4K headset.

  • drd7of14

    hahahahahahahahahaha….Oh….HTC….This is your end guys. I seriously hope they didn’t actually spend near this much. So overpriced.

    But honestly, all this does is piss people off, and they just lose faith in the brand. Maybe they figure they can lower it later, or people will just get the other set…But $900 isn’t worth the “PRO” upgrade.

    Macbook Air $1000
    Macbook Pro $1300
    $300 premium upgrade

    XB1S $300
    XB1X $500
    $200 premium upgrade

    PS4 $300
    PS4 Pro $400
    $100 premium upgrade

    HTC: “Oh yeah, we’ll do this too.”

    Vive $500 ($800 at launch)
    Vive Pro $1400
    $900 ($600) premium upgrade

    It’s not complicated, this will flop all in all. Should have been $600, $800 max. $1400 is a joke.

    • Firestorm185

      I agree good sir

    • TC_Orygun

      This is an issue consumer expectations. The Vive Pro is not the “Vive 2”. Their only sin is not explaining that enough.

      I believe this is just a detour of sorts using mostly existing hardware to sell to the top end of the market and actually make some
      money. If they Do actually make money, then it was the correct move. As you can bet your ass that their NEXT product will be the Vive 2 for consumers.

      Also, it’s a little too soon for the next gen Rift/Vive class headsets anyway, for a variety of reasons.

      Should they have instead tried to make a slightly better Vive and sell to consumers to further corner the mainstream market? Maybe. But comparing this to the regular consumer market doesn’t tell the big picture here.

      • drd7of14

        I don’t think it’s a problem with consumer expectations. I think it’s a problem with HTC expectations. The core Vive bundle was $800 at launch, which while justified, was certainly a concern that many people were vocal about. So their answer? Release a newer version that’s even more ridiculously expensive.

        They assumption that they didn’t make money off the first core bundle is incorrect, as far as unit losses are concerned. If R&D for the Pro, after already having the basic functionality down in the 1st model, made the total $600 additional, then HTC deserves to fail. I can’t imagine that to be the case, unless I hear authorize from their mouths, so it’s more than likely that they are milking those who can afford it and will jump in, irritated or not.

        The real problem is that people will lose faith in the product and name, cause the competition is kicking their asses in keeping the prices down.

      • Renzo V

        I would agree 100% percent with you if they surpassed anything on the market, but Vive literally came out with a product that matches the Samsung Oddysey

    • The Pet Cow

      Its not clearly stated in the article because this site is extremely bias against the Vive, but this is for COMMERCIAL / ENTERPRISES only. This isn’t even available to poor people like you.

      • drd7of14

        Actually, that is incorrect. For commercial licensing, it’s that plus another $100. This is being marketed towards the “pro” consumer, not just commetcial/enterprises.

        They did the same sort of marketing with the standard model. Even offering the ridiculous $800 HMD only for Vive Gen1 buyers who wish to upgrade only the HMD.

        They are absolutely marketing this at consumers, just milking the one’s who can afford to waste their money before they eventually drop the price down in a year to something for reasonable.

      • Sandy Wich

        I’m 28, own 3 houses, retired. I’m one of the many who can afford this in a whim with cash in wallet on a random drive for a coffee. People aren’t buying it because it’s a joke, not because they can’t afford the device.

        This thing should have~

        -Wider field of view.
        -Higher field of view.
        -Reduced screen door effect with upscaling higher resolution panels, if a Chinese manufacturer, and Sony with subpixels can figure that SDE fix out, then WHY can’t these guys?
        -Built. In. Wireless. Or at least a second product option for people not wanting to tie a 15 foot cable into a braid and then feed it into a military vest holding a battery for, what? 400 more dollars?
        -Sunglare issue either completely fixed, or vastly reduced.

        And that should have been done for a price the headset launched at. If Pimax can do it for 600, certainly these giants can do it for 800+.

        ..They didn’t announce the price when they revealed the Vive Pro for a reason. The excuse that it’s for, “business”, is an excuse for the gullible consumer. No different than Nvidia Titan’s, “for scientists”, nonsense.

        Just wait, this thing will be on sale in 6 months for the REAL MSRP once the fanatics throw all their money at it. And it’ll go through a soft, “relaunch”, and a big marketing push for a huge price drop will happen. Now EVERYONE can enjoy the PRO!

        ..And even then, nobody is going to buy it with Pimax 8K/Oculus Next with Foveated rendering right around the corner.

        …Poor people….. Like people who are having trouble feeding their families are commenting on a VR enthusiast website… Ignorance.

      • Nosfar

        You kind sir are mistaken ,Nothing about this has been marketed as a commercial device. And for the record ive slent over 10000 dollars on my Vr set up inclusong all the Major headsets and i still wouldnt pay that for a Pro,if i was a commercial set up i still wouldnt as casual users will barely recognise a difference .

  • Ron


  • drd7of14

    Also…For anyone crazy enough to buy this product, don’t get it directly from HTC. The HMD alone is listed as $999 right now and on back order. Amazon has it for the “MSRP” of $799.

    Such BS still…HTC is gonna crash and burn hard.

    • Stranger On The Road

      the USD 800 is for the HMD alone, without any extra. It is mentioned in the article.

      • drd7of14

        Re-Read my comment…I went to HTC’s website yesterday, and then you’ll understand what I’m referring to.

        As for the HTC site, it seems as though it’s been updated. But it was definitely $999 for just the HMD yesterday.

        I wish I screen-grabbed it, though maybe it was an error from HTC. I’m aware the MSRP is $799, that’s just not what they had listed. I assumed it was due to some B/O BS or something, even though it’s not on B/O anywhere else.

  • Ted Joseph

    Yet still has ~100 deg FOV… No thanks. If this was 210 deg FOV with higher res, I would have probably jumped ship from Rift back to HTC… Sadly, no…

    • Renzo V

      don’t forget wireless and sweat proof.

  • Well, so much for the next-gen of VR being the start of the mass market era. VR hardware needs to get cheaper, quicker, if we have any hope of getting a wide enough install base for companies to invest the time and money needed to make killer software titles to go with them.

    Otherwise they’re going to end up a niche used for Enterprise and specialized industries only.

  • G-man

    that $600 price increae for the lighthouses and controllers is a complete joke. the 2.0 tech is cheaper to produce all around but htc is charging more for just those than for the entire original bundle? that is taking the piss.

  • D Polo

    Feels Shady that they charged people who bought the Vive Pro, but didn’t have the Base Stations or controllers $300 to get the 1.0 versions, knowing they would be releasing 2.0 a month / 3-5 weeks later. SMH

    • DD32X

      I am having the same dilema. I haven’t got the headset/controllers yet, And want to return everything.

  • antonio mora

    This is nuts.

  • Hone McBone

    Still happy with the vanilla Vive, I’ll consider upgrading when someone offers a wireless headset with eye tracking & knuckle controllers.

  • daveinpublic

    “this particular bundle is specifically geared toward the highest end professional buyers” I guess metallic purple controllers equates with high end. Also, outside in tracking will soon be obsolete. Inside out is getting much better, will be able to do more than 10 x 10 meters, and is much more scalable. I don’t think the 10 x 10 meters will work with multiple players, but I could be wrong. The sound quality in this is terrible, too.

  • Jean-Sebastien Perron

    Meanwhile 1 year old Mixed Reliability support infinite tracking volume with better lens and same resolution for 250$.

    • Braycen Jackwitz

      5 months old, but yes. Pricing on the Vive Pro is extremely dumb in comparison to WMR headsets. SteamVR tracking is a lot better, but not 6 times the price better.

      • Renzo V

        As much as i wanna go with the ultimate VR kit, im doing just fine with my Oddyssey, Vive is missing the point here.. Oculus and WMRs know that they need to flood the market.

        • Patrick Francis

          I think it’s more supply and demand.

          They have a low supply of Vive Pro and 2.0 accessories. So they are trying to sell it to Enthusiasts, early buyers, and businesses first.
          Give it a few months, and the price will drop as the supply increases.

          Some people (like myself) happily pay to have a Vive Pro Early.
          Other people (like most people complaining here) would rather wait till the price is more reasonable due to the supply increasing.

          • Nosfar

            But an samsung oddessey and a htcvive and use light house tracking with oddessey with minimim one time setup and have better results and be 700 cheaper then the pro kit.I stand by my statement.

          • Patrick Francis

            Like I said, you are a person who would rather buy a Samsung Odyssey.

            For the games I play, it requires room-scale tracking for obvious reasons.
            For example I often have to grab a holstered pistol from my leg, or a map from my back. Not to mention needing to be able to see the boundaries so you just don’t run into walls or break things in your room.

            Samsung Odyssey isn’t even in the same “market” at the HTC Vive, Rift, etc.

            That’s like me saying “Hey I want to play video games” and you say “buy a Macbook Pro they are awesome.” Sorry, they aren’t really designed for video games.

          • Fwiler

            You haven’t used the Odyssey, have you? I have both and can tell you the Odyssey is 98% of the Vive with a much better fov and resolution. Tracking is not an issue. You wouldn’t have mentioned seeing boundaries if you have used one, because they are mapped. MS released a very nice reprojection setting the other day that absolutely nails the smooth experience. Better than Rift. To say the aren’t even in the same market shows your ignorance.

          • Patrick Francis

            Samsung Odyssey:
            Dual 3.5” AMOLED Display
            1,440 x 1,600 @90/60Hz 615ppi
            Φ 66, FOV 110º, 6.7X

            Vive Pro:
            Dual 3.5” AMOLED Display
            1,440 x 1,600 @90Hz 615ppi

            110 degrees FOV

            Yes, compared to Vive it may have better resolution, but Vive Pro is a duplicate headset with better tracking and more features.

            I have not used an Odyssey yet, I was going off of reviews of it online stating that even when using it in the demos provided by samsung for journalists they had to be constantly brought back to the center of the playspace and helped to avoid knocking over cameras and lights in the test studio.

            But let’s just pretend it’s all rainbows and Unicorns and the Samsung Odyssey is a perfect technology that has no downside. To say it’s 98% a vive, means you do not regularly use a Vive, because the SECOND you lose tracking of your controller for any reason at any angle at any time you have ruined your gameplay experience.

            Also the Vive can track your waist and feet for full body tracking, I couldn’t possibly see the Odyssey tracking your feet and Waist with how the inside-out tracking works. The Vive Pro also has Pass-Through cameras, that fill nearly the entire FOV when activated, meaning you have the option for AR. The Odyssey does not. I could go on and on, i’m not a “fan-boy” i’m a developer and gamer, and the Odyssey is fine for using Google Maps VR, or maybe Audioshield and other games where your hands are always at your front, but for complex gaming it is very lacking.

          • Fwiler

            Yeah, you are probably reading reviews of initial launch before added support in Steam, or any of the 100’s of enhancements Microsoft has done over the last two months. There are very few games that developers rely on multiple trackers on their body. While I agree that is an advantage, not having it is not a deal breaker for 98% of what’s out there, or what’s going to continue to come out. Why? Because the audience is too limited compared to development costs. Hence my comment of 98%. I only have about 30 VR games, but I haven’t had an issue with one of them and tracking, even when I have to reach up and over. If you really want to play games that rely on your hands being behind you, go right ahead, but it’s not a natural position for anyone as almost all activities in life require your hand to be in fov. But to say it’s only good for Google Maps or Audioshield shows your ignorance and lack of understanding, especially when you don’t have one. I’m sure at $1400 the Vive Pro will be a great package, but at $400 the Odyssey is a better package than original Vive. The only thing that would make VR better for playing games in my opinion, is going wireless, which will probably be released for Vive first, but others will follow.

          • Patrick Francis

            I can agree with you on this. Most games will probably work with the Odyssey.

            I was simply stating that the idea that the Odyssey is better than the Vive in every way and is cheaper is technically false, since the Vive technically has features that the Odyssey does not.

            The Odyssey looks like a great system, and honestly if someone could “perfect” inside-out tracking to work in all situations, that would be the way to go. But for now, I’ll stick with Vive since they seem to be capable of just about anything VR (and soon AR) has to offer.

          • Nosfar

            The thing is if you own the vive already ,then you can upgrade to the oddessey instead of the pro as the complaints were not about the headset tracking but the controllers, you can now combine the roomscale lighthouse tracking with the Oddessey headset with very little effort or cost . And still save hundreds compared to the vive pro,and still have a self contained self tracking system to take with your laptop to a buddies house to show off VR, Win Win and save hundreds

          • Patrick Francis

            The Vive Controllers pair with your headset. Unless you can “Pair” the controllers with the Odyssey headset you’d have to have the Vive Headset turned on to sync the controllers and the Odyssey Headset turned on to use it as your screens.

            Also the Odyssey doesn’t have “perfect” sub-millimeter tracking or visual Passthrough Cameras (which allow for AR and hand guestures in the future theoretically).

            Also, as someone who streams while using the headset, it is nice to be able to just double-click the menu button and walk around my apartment, grab a drink, and then go back to playing without taking off the headset.

          • Nosfar

            Once again that’s why I mentioned you have to own the Vive headset or the Vive tracking disc and as somebody who has used both headsets not just depending on facts I read the pass-through camera is a very valid argument I’m not sure if it’s one that’s worth several hundred dollars but to you it might be you seem to think I’m against the HTC Vive I am not I love my vyve I’m against price gouging for technology update that is not of a significant enough nature to justify the expense when there is valid alternatives to your product that is significantly less but just as sufficient

          • Patrick Francis

            I simply disagree that releasing new technology for a considerably high price is price gouging.

            Basically all technology is released at a incredibly high price, and if you want to be the person with the latest and best computer components, with the latest and best monitors, and the latest and best VR, it’s going to be possibly tens of thousands of dollars. But if you wait 1-2 years, all of those items will be reasonably price and the “newer better” items will be incredibly expensive.

            It’s an “Early Buyer Tax” and if you expect the HTC Vive Pro Kit to remain $1400 for a long period of time for a full set, then you are ignoring how every other piece of technical hardware is priced upon release to later be reduced in price.

  • Clifford~aka~Miku

    Well people forget all the Vive Pro’s sold out so they know what they are doing. It’s funny to see people bitch about the price….hey if it’s too expensive don’t buy it. Just to clarify yes I’ve purchased the Vive Pro and now I’ve purchased this package as well, what can I say I’m a VR enthusiast. Also yes I own a DK1, DK2, Oculus Rift, Touch Controllers, Original Vive, Playsatation VR, Microsoft Mixed Reality, etc….

    • mirak

      Doesn’t look much soldout now.

    • James Friedman

      Why would you purchase the vive pro twice? Or are you just referring to the new base stations?

    • Suzanne Lyons

      How many did they “sell out” of? 200? 30,000? …

    • Stranger On The Road

      heaven forbid that people should give feedback of any sort to an OEM about their products. The price is too high? Say nothing and just don’t buy it……

    • drd7of14

      I mean, selling out pre-orders is not a good measure for success. We don’t know what the stock allocated for the Vive PRO’s pre-order was. What will determine it’s success is if by the end of April/May, they give us some solid numbers. Touting success with actual sales data is the only clear way to know.

      Like, obviously an exaggeration, but if they had 500 units available for pre-order, of course it would sell out for pre-order numbers. I could sell out of pre-orders for something if I had 2 units of it. Since we weren’t told how many units were up for pre-order, how quickly those pre-orders filled out, or how many POs they have on BO, there’s no clear way to measure whether they know what they’re doing or not.

      Time will tell, but it seems like they’re banking on extra money from early adopters before they drop the price down to the $800 bundle range (as was the case with the original Vive). HTC, as a company, isn’t exactly doing super hot right now…And with more and more tech companies getting into VR/AR, competition is certainly something to worry about with a $1400 price point. We shall see though…

  • Jim P

    I can get a odessey with same clarity and half the price. With build in tracking.

  • The Pet Cow

    Go figure, another bias review missing key details.

    This is for ENTERPRISE customers; not consumers. If you go to the link, it even explains it there. But, you know, facts and all. Just more misinformation about a product to push agendas.

    • Stranger On The Road

      hummm…. where to start….
      1) not a review, just an article talking about a new bundle and its price.
      2) Considering that the Vive Pro is for only USD 800, then it means they are charging USD 600 for the other items.
      3) Vive Pro itself is the only Pro (Enterprise) part of the bundle. Which can be bought separately.

      4) * against.

  • Suzanne Lyons

    Ive had the first Vive since launch and was really looking forward to an upgrade. The res, tether, and top(front) heavy design were the 3 things I had hoped to see improved on and by the looks of it the pro does just that. But that price!

    I guess I am waiting, probably another year. I would be a customer at a grand (incl the wireless adaptor, and obviously taxes).

    • Justin Davis

      Vive Pro has a cable, just like Vive. The wireless adapter is not out yet and works with both.

    • Stranger On The Road

      you can still opt to buying the headset alone for USD 800 + VAT. It works nicely with your existing base stations and controller.

      unless, you were planning on selling your current headset as a full package as well……

  • James Friedman

    This is just crazy….For that much money they should be including the wireless adapter.

  • Stranger On The Road

    sooo…. the new base stations are for USD 300?…. oh wait, they are removing the 1.0 base station, it perhaps, USD 400 for the new 2.0 base stations? Damn!

  • DD32X

    So, I ordered the Pro with the get 1 starting kit back in the beginning of the month, Now it is very clear they did this cause wanted to empty l all gen 1 inventory, before announcing this new full pro experience bundle. Anybody knows how to return everything. I can’t support a company that misled their customers this way. Im expecting to receive the head mount, and brackets for the base station today, No word or shipping on the controllers/basestation gen 1 starting kit. They don’t have a customer care number, only chats and they pretty much can’t solve anything than try convince you to buy the new full pro.

  • Sandy Wich

    So what, 2500 dollars Canadian?


    Gets drunk, points the cannon down, sinks own ship.


  • polysix

    f-ing ridiculous!

  • Arv

    If Oculus do what I think they’re going to do next week and drop the price of the Rift down to $299 You can buy 4 Rift’s for the price of a Vive Pro and have $200 left to buy games (plus you would get the ridiculous amounts of free games and software that you get with each Rift too). I think HTC have gone insane, they’re doing exactly the same thing with their VR division that they’ve previously done with thei mobile division – they’re pricing their products out of the market. This isn’t going to end well.

  • Can’t wait to see the price one their next gen one…

    oh boy.

    It better give me laser eye surgery.


    Folks! Price is right for the elite. This is not for the average. I already have 2 vive pro and 4 vive. Sold 2 used vives at a low 200 dollars in new condition.

    Dont complain if you cant afford it. Dont worry, the price will drop in another 2 years.

    I currently own 4 complete systems. 2 pro and 2 regular. You wont miss the old quality but i can say the detail in image quality, when you pay attention, is night and day. Well worth it for me. We are lucky they decided to offer this hardware to the general public.

  • Deewin

    I think i’m gonna be done with vr for a while. HTC is clueless if they think this is a fair price for what you get and I’m tired of everything facebook has done and allowed over the years. This just means that Oculus will only go downhill as time goes on when facebook gets more involved and pressured to make money off VR and their users in any way possible. I”m sure the whatsapp guys have regretted selling their company to facebook even with all the money they got because they were partly successful because they cared, and still care about the privacy of their users. I’ll revisit vr in 5 plus years when the base stations are built into the headset and if other companies other than htc will make good steam vr devices.