HTC Vive Pro Accessories Starter Kit Includes Controllers And Base Stations

by Jamie Feltham • March 27th, 2018

When HTC’s Vive Pro starts shipping next month it will arrive as a standalone package. That means you’ll get the headset, but not the SteamVR base stations to track it nor the motion controllers to interact with VR itself. The package is very much designed for existing Vive owners, then, but HTC is providing options for those that aren’t.

A Vive Pro Accessories Starter Kit can be found on the official online Vive Accessory Store right now. We couldn’t find the kit listed on the main page but, once we added a Vive Pro to our basket it appeared in the Recommended Products page. Judging by the icon next to it, the kit offers both base stations and controllers for a discounted price of $450.47.

We’ve reached out to HTC to confirm what’s inside the kit. A single controller would cost you $129.99 on the Vive Store while a base station goes for $134.99. A pair of each bought separately would cost you $529.26. so you’re saving about $70 overall. That said, the Vive Pro itself is $799, taking the all-in price to about $1250, which is easily the most expensive price we’ve seen for any home VR system just yet.

You also might want to consider a few other options before you get your wallet out. Firstly, $450 is just $50 less than the original Vive bundle, which includes all of this, a Vive headset and a free copy of Fallout 4 VR, so it may be the better bundle to buy. Perhaps more importantly, though, HTC will be releasing a full Vive Pro set later in the year that includes updated controllers and the next iteration of the base stations, which can support more than two sensors and a wider room-scale area. In other words, unless you’re made of money, it’s a bad idea to buy a Vive Pro from scratch right now.

What's your reaction?
  • Nosfar

    At those prices ill never buy one to start with,and ive bought every head set and major Vr accessory there is damn near it. I am the target consumer and just No.

    • Felix Boe

      The target consumer is companies

      • Nosfar

        Its my understanding we differentiate between the two as in commerical and consumer,such as when virtuix announced they were no longer a consumer product but a commercial one . SO IN THAT train of logic if there was a consumer market they were hoping to target ,im probaly it.

      • Graham J ⭐️

        Not true. The Pro doesn’t come with any of the business-oriented perks of the Vive Business Edition such as extended support, licensing etc.

      • TimothyStone

        Well, if it was it should have been named something like HTC Vive Enterprise Edition. That would make it clear that it’s for business applications. Saying Pro, is basically just admitting it’s a pro consumer product that’s expensive, which is what it is.

        Thanks, but no thanks. We can do better as an industry and in my opinion this is taking a huge step backwards.

  • Ellie 187

    I can wait for prices on the headset to come down…. maybe i’ll get updated base stations IF and when the knuckles controllers are released by Valve…. until then, these prices are keeping me from upgrading

    • Abe Kim

      In the same boat. But judging how slow HTC has been lowering their prices, I’d say we’ll see the Gen2 headsets and new competitors (LG). By then it will be too little too late.

  • SandmaN

    What a joke.

    • Onyx Blue

      Get a job

  • gothicvillas

    What a mess

    • Onyx Blue

      Your bank account ?

  • bobzdar

    So $499 for an Odyssey with the same resolution OLED screen or $1250 for a Vive Pro? Or sacrifice 160 horizontal pixels and get a HP 1440×1440 for $220, over a grand less? That price is completely insane.

    • daveinpublic

      And they both have access to Steam. I hadn’t thought of comparing the Vive Pro to HP’s, that’s craziness.

      • Chad Capeland

        But only one has good tracking. Really need Windows MR headsets to support Lighthouses.

        • Firestorm185

          but slightly better tracking isn’t quite worth an extra 800$ imo…

          • Thoemse

            Totally agreed. I own a vive and I like it. I am a Pimax backer and hope it blows it out of the water. I hoped that before but now I hope it even more so. This behavior cannot be supported.
            They must be completely out of their minds. With the samsung oddyssey on the market this is a bad joke. I am aware of the inferier controller tracking of WMR but 800$ for controller tracking behind your back. I doubt many will say that it is worth that much.

        • care package

          Inside out tracking is the future of VR. I’ll reserve judgement when I’ve tried it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the pros outweigh the cons.

  • David

    As far as I’m concerned HTC can kiss my you-know-what. Their controllers are a nightmare and have a VERY high failure rate. Why haven’t they addressed this flaw yet?

    • Onyx Blue

      High failure rate my arse.

      • David

        Are you kidding me? Its well documented that the touchpads consistently fail. And if you have ever opened up a Vive controller to do a repair its not hard to see why. The touchpad sits on a tiny piece of rubber that’s glued to some plastic. If it slips the touchpad stops clicking.

        • Onyx Blue

          Load of nonsense. ‘Well documented’ by who? You. The controllers are robust as they come. I have owned both since day one. Not a single issue. You would need hands of an ape and it would require a heck of a lot of work ( or extreme carelessness) to break a Vive controller touchpad mate. Nor is this so called ‘issue’ reported in any community groups or by commercial users. Lastly, your description of their construction is inaccurate and a lie. Find a hobby- and stop spreading misinformation. Go back to using your occy.

          • care package

            Oh I see, so there is no ‘vive trackpad issue’ because yours are fine, and if someone does have the issue, they’re idiots. Sounds rash to me mate.

          • Onyx Blue

            Difference between saying you had a issue and having a dick like this hit the web crying “very high failure rate”. I have no time for bullshitters.

            Not ‘high’ but ‘very high’ – he’s a dick. If any consumer product had a ‘very high failure rate’ it would occur alongside mass recalls- that’s what ‘very high’ constitutes.

            The devices do not have a very high failure rate. Nor do they have a high failure rate or moderate failure rate. That have A Failure rate- and it ain’t very high.

          • David

            Its amazing you are able to use this site considering you never learned to do a Google search.

          • Onyx Blue

            You still at it mate. I can Google and single damn product in the world and find examples of faults. BMWs self combusting. IPhone overheating- neither are described as “high failure rate” got it ? In this instance – it is not failure – it is recklessness on part of whoever used the controllers.

            Find a fucking Job.

          • David

            I have a fucking job. Speaking of which, how much does HTC pay you to be fanboy?

          • Onyx Blue

            Riiight. Sure you do mate. Fucking limp dicked passive aggressive sack of shit. If you are gonna have a go mate – have a go- pussy cunt. Hide behind passive aggressive remarks and vailed insults. Grow some mate. In two remarks you have tried to imply others are idiots- leave mommies home, get a job.

          • care package

            You sound real stable mate lol. Feel sorry for anyone that has to be around you.

          • Onyx Blue

            If you gonna be a cunt – have the balls to be straight about it – ‘I wonder how you manage to use google’ ‘fanboy’. Etc – Farrrrk off cunt. This bitch needs to stops vailing his attempts at insulting others – pussy. Speak straight. Mabye he is used to other passive bitches taking his limp dicked insults – I fucking wont.


          • care package

            lmao. Cmon man. Treat others how you want to be treated. Quit trying to be such a scary asshole.

          • Onyx Blue

            He needs a lesson.

          • David

            Why are you on UploadVR while you’re supposed to be working? Does your employer know you are wasting time on the company dime?

          • brubble

            Man this onyx twat? What a complete f-ing asshole.

          • David

            I think he finally gave up though. Maybe his mom grounded him lol

  • TheFourOfUs

    They are taking advantage of their monopoly on decent tracking and usable room-scale. Will Pimax be able to use the lighthouses? If it will, I will just wait. But waste money on any of these other systems mentioned in this thread? No. A functioning holodeck is worth 100 times what a wearable 360 monitor with Kinect-era tracking tech is worth.

    • TimothyStone

      It’s not Kinect era tracking. I expect the next generation of inside out tracking coming end of this year or next year, but lighthouses are a waste of money and obsolete. If you want quality VR without the price, it’s not going to be HTC.

      This industry desperately needs Microsoft’s help if wants to get anywhere, otherwise why even bother?

      VR isn’t about VR by itself. It’s about eye-tracking, finger-tracking, voice recognition, A.I., cloud interaction and the industry needs to understand this to bring together a standard that can be used by everyone.

  • Onyx Blue

    Ordered. Lucky to find stock. Sold out here.

  • James Friedman

    If this was the first VR headset to come out back in 2016 people would of paid more than what they are asking. However this is not the case and the tech is not revolutionary enough to pay this price.

  • greenbag

    The base stations pictured in the suggested bundle, are the old model, not the 2.0 models with the curved front glass/plastic. I think that’s just the regular bundle, available for those who don’t have a Vive already, but want the Pro now. That’s why they’re on sale, and available right now, not pre-ordered. As far as I knew, Valve hadn’t released their 2.0 hardware yet.

  • Stranger On The Road

    buying the normal Vive would be a better option, for just few extra dollars you get an extra headset that a ‘guest’ can use, or just keep it as backup. So unless the normal headset cost USD 50, I don’t see how anyone can consider this to be a good deal.

  • Graham J ⭐️

    This pricing ensures no used market for Vive1. Thanks HTC!

    Odyssey ordered.

  • Tit

    I read everywhere It target companies but there no commercial ?