HTC Vive Wireless Adapter Launches This September For $300

by David Jagneaux • September 5th, 2018

Update: Pre-orders for the Wireless Adapter are now live via HTC’s official website.

Original: Today, HTC announced that the official Vive Wireless Adapter will retail for $300 and is set to launch on September 24th.

Pre-orders for the device will go live on September 5th, for US customers they’ll be available at Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft, NewEgg, and directly from Vive. The Vive Wireless Adapter will be compatible with both the standard Vive and Vive Pro, however, you’ll need to buy an additional kit to attach it to your Pro, which is on top of the Vive Pro headset (which is already $800 even if you have an original Vive now, or a whopping $1,400 if you want the entire 2.0 system.)

When we went hands-on with the Vive Wireless Adapter back at CES 2018 earlier this year, we came away impressed. In comparison to the TPCast, it seems to have a better weight balance and feels less noticeable when worn — even if it looks a bit silly. The battery pack is nice and discreet and the signal quality is excellent.

While playing DOOM VFR, an extremely fast-paced and intense VR shooter, we didn’t notice any issues and were able to freely move around an open space while gunning down demons.

This was an admittedly brief demo, but we got to try it again in four-player roomscale multiplayer via Arizona Sunshine and that was even more impressive.

According to the HTC blog post, installation of the Vive Wireless Adapter “occurs in minutes” via a PCI-e card and attaching a sensor from the PC to a broadcast adapter. There’s a 6-meter range from the broadcast point with a 150-degree field of view on the sensor.

The 60Ghz band is powered by Intel’s WiGig specification and DisplayLink’s XR codec, which reportedly adds up to “high performance with hours of battery life.” According to official specs, the battery is expected to last 2.5 hours:

While using the Wireless Adapter, it’s powered by a single HTC QC 3.0 PowerBank, which is included with all Adapter orders, but you can buy additional ones from the official Vive website.

Additionally, anyone that buys a Vive Wireless Adapter will also receive a complimentary two-month trial for Viveport Subscription, which includes access to nearly 500 different VR titles.

What do you think of the news? Do you plan on getting a Vive Wireless Adapter? Let us know down in the comments below!

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