“I Choose You!” Pikachu and Pokémon Make Their Unofficial VR Debut at 3DJam

by Will Mason • December 2nd, 2014

Virtual reality is a platform that has been known to provoke reactions of childlike wonderment and amazement in those who try it. So it only makes sense that a number of experiences look to capture that emotion and connect it to fondly nostalgic memories in the minds of the users. Experiences like EmuVR or RetroArcade, for example, transport gamers to the bedrooms and arcades of their childhood, where they can relive what many describe as ‘gamings golden age.’

But perhaps nothing tickles my nostalgic funny bone like the words, Pokémon VR.

This new demo experience is as short as it is sweet, allowing you to command your Pikachu in a PokéBattle, complete with allowing you to capture the wild Pokemon at the end. Even better, the experience utilizes both Leap Motion and voice commands, meaning that not only do you get to witness the battle in immersive VR you also get the sensation of throwing the Pokéball yourself and issuing commands, which is extra cool.

The project was created for Leap Motion 3DJam, which challenged developers to create short VR experiences utilizing the Leap Motion. With over 158 submissions from developers, the event has been a huge success in anticipation of the announcement of the finalists on December 20th.

If I were you I would hop on this train down nostalgia lane as soon as you can, Nintendo tends to be fairly protective of Pokemon and the rest of it’s IP so this experience may not be available for long. But you can check it out here while it lasts.


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