Immersed Europe features keynote from Sony

by Ian Hamilton • August 4th, 2015

Next month in Spain representatives from Sony, Crytek, AMD and Epic Games will among those speaking at Immersed Euope, a conference which might appeal to professionals interested in networking with others working in immersive technology.

The two days of talks, panels and lectures on Sept. 3 and 4 in Murcia, Spain is hosted by the Immersive Technology Alliance and features a keynote by Sony’s Simon Benson. Benson is the director of Sony’s Immersive Technology Group and was key in putting together Morpheus. In case you’re unfamiliar with the Immersive Technology Alliance, it is a non-profit founded to promote virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D technologies founded by the same people who launched Meant To Be Seen, a site which has forums that were used by Oculus executives Palmer Luckey and John Carmack to start their fateful collaboration.

Additional speakers include:

— Frank Vitz, Creative Director at Crytek: Specialties include visual effects supervision. Some of his projects include the original X-Men and the first sequel, Stargate and Judge Dredd. He worked on games including SSX, Fight Night, Dragon Age and Battlefield.

— Juan Barambones, CEO of Rectangular Studios: Heads an indepedent studio based in Spain focused on virtual reality games. He is working on educational Cardboard VR experiences and “has received special permission to demonstrate and discuss Project Tango.”

— Duncan Burbidge, Executive Producer at The Third Floor: Oversees operations and business development for a UK-based pre-visualization team. He has worked on a variety of notable projects including The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Game of Thrones.

— Richard Huddy, Chief Gaming Scientist at AMD: Specializes in 3D graphics on PC and consoles.

— James Golding, Lead Programmer at Epic Games: One of the lead programmers working on Unreal Engine.

The full list of speakers is here. The event costs $489 (449 euros). A separate conference simply called Immersed, after the inaugural event last year, will be held for North America from Oct. 4 to 6 in Toronto, Canada. You can use the discount code,  UPVRimmersedeurope to take 100 Euros off the cost of the ticket.


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