In League Is A Multiplayer VR Shooter Inspired By The Last Of Us

by David Jagneaux • March 30th, 2018

Ever since Onward burst onto the VR shooter scene we’ve seen an influx of modern-themed shooters that do their best to replicate what it must be like to fire a gun at other humans in a war setting. Games like Rainbox Six, Ghost Recon, and SOCOM are often cited as heavy inspirations. Pavlov is perhaps the best other VR example with dozens of others popping up on Steam all the while and the likes of Firewall: Zero Hour coming soon to PSVR.

In League, an upcoming VR shooter by Ryan Schattner, takes a bit of a different inspiration. The Last of Us is most well-known for its gripping, emotional singleplayer narrative, but it also features an inventive multiplayer mode. Teams face off against one another as they scavenge for gear and supplies and must deplete the other side’s shared pool of respawn lives. It’s not wholly original, but the setting, premise, and game mechanics create an especially frantic and tense atmosphere.

Rather than once again emulating classic military shooters, In League aims to replicate that sense of post-apocalyptic survivor mentality in a VR shooter. The game already sports a wealth of “husk” character models, various guns, and several attachments.

In the demonstration video above, Schattner explains you can enter and explore all of the buildings in the city as he walks around exploring. At one point, you can see him jogging in place to make his character sprint as well.

We still don’t know a whole lot about In League, but it’s at least looking to do something a bit different in the VR shooter space. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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