E3 2017: Intel Bringing VR To eSports’ With The Challenger League

by David Jagneaux • June 12th, 2017

At today’s Intel press conference from E3 2017 Ru Weerasuriya, the Co-Founder and CCO of Ready at Dawn came onstage to talk about the company’s upcoming game, Lone Echo. Up until now its multiplayer, the Echo Arena, was believed to be part of the same release in one package but today we learned it is getting a separate, free release on Rift.

During the presentation Echo Arena’s competitive side was played up significantly and Intel announced what’s being referred to as the VR Challenger League, an Esports competition focused specifically on competitive VR games. Insomniac’s The Unspoken and Ready at Dawn’s Echo Arena are the two games mentioned for the new league competitions. The finals will be held in Poland in 2018 at the Intel Extreme Masters.

Esports were a major part of Intel’s mini-conference today. During the opening a video played in which several competitors said, “Game on!” as a sort of rallying cry. Intel’s host stated that, “We want to bring VR to Esports,” before explaining that the biggest barriers to competitive VR gaming right now are a lack of titles that are “worthy” o gamers and a generally small playerbase.

For more news and announcements from Intel, the PC Gamer show, and this week’s conference, check our E3 news hub. Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

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  • Quotemequoteyou

    Small player base. Oculus is only making it worse. Both games that they want to push esports are made for less than 1/3 of the vr community to enjoy and play. If are actually serious about esports, how about trying to support the community as a whole. This truly is a poor joke and a hit to PC community.

    • Abe Kim

      Curious how this whole “sponership” is with the recent Echo arena being free annoucement. Will Intel try something similar to the launch of Arizona Sunshine and have the game be free for only i7 users?

  • MrLonghair

    Yeeeeah no the biggest barrier is cost, even if the $399 headset + controllers units coming Octoberish work well enough for eSports. THEN we can talk about lacking games.

    • Quotemequoteyou

      Correct, the biggest barrier is cost, for the headset and PC for it. Content is second, and good replayable multi-player games could fix that, but requires large enough player base/community. Oculus has only made things worse why pushing multi-player games that can’t be enjoyed by all.

      • gryphon stew

        Have you ever played BOTH GAMES? these games are Freakin’ Fantastic! I’ve already made myself an ESL account for the big tourney itself. Echo Arena and The Unspoken are one of the best games! The graphics on both are fantastic! The oculus was around 800 when I got it, and cutting down the price is great for the company!

        Both games came out free for a limited time!

        Also, Shoutout to Insomniac games, they Rock!