The Internet’s funniest tweets about Time magazine’s VR cover

by Ian Hamilton • August 6th, 2015

Overall, it is probably a good thing for virtual reality to find its way onto the cover of Time magazine. It gives your dad or grandma a reason to come over and say “Hey kid, that Oculus company you keep talking about is in TIME MAGAZINE.”

Then again, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey looks like a baby bird waiting for his worm. Or maybe he looks like Simba being held over the African plains. Or the Karate Kid. Or perhaps he is riding on the back of a horse with Vladimir Putin?

Then there is that sentence that almost seems written to offend every VR nerd on the planet:

“Palmer Luckey, the creator of the Oculus Rift, is not your typical nerd…He’s cheery and talks in normal sentences that are easy to understand.”

The Internet did not take kindly to these words. It responded the only way it knows how: Photoshop and making it trend on Twitter. Here are some of the best tweets responding to the situation.

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