Intruders Looks Like A Gritty Home Alone For PSVR

by Jamie Feltham • January 15th, 2019

We’ve already written about one promising new PSVR game coming from PlayStation Talents today. Now it’s time for another, and Intruders: Hide and Seek looks like a treat.

In this first-person stealth game you play as a young boy. One night three people break into your house and take your parents captive. You need to survive the night by sneaking around the house and avoiding detection. A cinematic trailer for the game debuted today but there’s also an older gameplay trailer we’ve found below.

There’s no combat, meaning you’ll have to rely entirely on stealth. You’ll weave between the rooms of the house, checking for lumbering kidnappers. At one point in the gameplay you even find your family bruised, beaten and gagged in one room. Cheery!

It looks like a gritty take on Home Alone, which isn’t something we knew we wanted for VR. We’re also reminded of Krillbite’s Among the Sleep, a horror game that casts you as an infant.

PlayStation Talents is a Spanish initiative helping out young student developers. Intruders won Best Game for the Press Award, and the Best Game of the Year Award all the way back in 2016 and have continued development since. As we wrote earlier today, PlayStation Talents is also bringing Anyone’s Diary and Echoes VR to PSVR.

As for release, the game’s set to launch on February 13th. Developer Tessera Studios says it will have around four hours of gameplay on offer and it looks like PSVR support is optional. It’s being published by Daedelic Entertainment.

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