‘Invisible’ Is An Action-Packed VR Series From Jaunt And Doug Liman

by Joe Durbin • February 22nd, 2016

Cinematic VR company Jaunt is teaming up with acclaimed action/adventure producer Doug Liman (Edge of TomorrowBourne Identity) to create a six-part immersive video series titled Invisible. The series is being developed in conjunction with Liman’s 30 Ninjas production team and Condé Nast.

No release date is set for Invisible but Cliff Plumer, Jaunt Studios president, confirmed over the phone that it would be available to viewers “this year.”

Director Doug Liman

Director Doug Liman

Invisible will follow the Ashlands, a respected New York City family hiding a supernatural gift. Their secret is thrown into the public eye when a remarkable new child is born into the family. As their abilities grow so does the danger facing the Ashlands, and anyone near them as well.

“This series lets us at Jaunt do more of what we like to do with immersive storytelling while moving us into longer-form content,” Plumer said. “Instead of one 60 or 90-minute experience we decided to do it episodically.”

Plumer declined to say exactly how long the episodes will run, or who will be joining the production’s cast, but he did indicate that fans of Liman’s work can expect Invisible to be a competent reflection of the director’s talent and style. 

“This is not him experimenting with VR,” Plumer said of Liman. “The series will be done in the classic Doug Liman storytelling and action context.”

According to Plumer, Samsung will be making Invisible available on the Gear VR through the Milk VR content application, but Jaunt itself will be hosting the series on its own app for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive as well.

The actual production of the series used a fairly diverse array of filmmaking technology, including the Jaunt ONE camera.

“The series was made using a lot of different devices based on each shot or scene. We did a lot with our Jaunt ONE,” he said. “A lot of action scenes have the camera moving, and we want to be sure to make both a comfortable and exciting experience for consumers.”

Invisible will be directed by Doug Liman, Michael Litwak and Jerome Sable; and written by Julina Tatlock and Oscar-nominated Screenwriter Melisa Wallack (Dallas Buyers Club).

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