Jason Rubin: The Rift’s Next Software Wave Will Be “Night and Day Different”

by Joe Durbin • August 1st, 2016

Jason Rubin, head of content for Oculus and the founder of Naughty Dog, discussed the future of software at his company during a brief interview at GamesBeat 2016 conference. From the stage, Rubin lauded the Oculus Rift’s current lineup but he also said that what truly excites him are the titles, experiences, and projects that he sees coming down the pipeline.

“The most inspirational thing I can say right now is that I have the privy to look forward in the future 6 months to a year in terms of what’s being developed in software, and if you think people are excited by what’s out right now, the stuff that’s coming in 6 months to a year is night and day different and is going to absolutely incredible,” Rubin said. 

Chronos Concept Art 3

Rubin believes that this dramatic jump in quality is coming as developers continue to gain greater experience with the medium of VR, and as studios enter the fray that skipped the initial launch window to focus on games that required more lengthy dev-cycles enter the fray.

“Take a studio like Gunfire,” Rubin said. “They made Herobound, they made Chronos, and they are now making their third generation of game.”

These “third generation” games are what Rubin believes will surprise and delight VR fans the most. As head of content, Rubin has a unique perspective behind the curtain as to exactly what these games will be and he pulled back that drape slightly by saying that these third-gen games will be, “Social games, experiences that aren’t game based, we’re gonna see a lot more experimentation in those areas,” in addition to traditional gaming titles. 

This next wave of VR software will be more than welcomed by the VR community. The Oculus Rift launched with several very impressive titles, and more have joined in the months sense, but the headset’s early adopters remain ravenous for new and interesting content to devour.

According to Rubin, “things are going to change so rapidly and so crazily we won’t even know what we’re looking at.”

We know that Oculus Touch will be launching by year’s end, and bringing a significant amount of games with it as well. It seems fans of the Oculus Rift will have a lot to look forward to in the next six months and beyond.

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