Jeff Bridges Wants Tron 3 To Be A VR Movie

by Jamie Feltham • August 9th, 2017

If Tron 3 were to ever happen, its star would want to see it as a virtual reality movie.

When talking about the media that’s influenced the current VR landscape, there are a handful of names that can’t go unmentioned. Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is one such source, but it’s impossible not to acknowledge Tron, the iconic 1982 sci-fi movie in which people entered a game world to compete in virtual sports.

Rumors about a third film in the franchise have been rampant since the release of 2010’s Tron: Legacy. Actor Jeff Bridges, who starred in both movies, was recently asked about those rumors by Entertainment Weekly. His reply will surely entice VR fans.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard those rumors too,” Bridges said. “I hope that happens. I think Joe’s [Kosinski, Tron: Legacy director] got the script and everything, you know. Yeah, I don’t know that I’m supposed to talk about it or not. I don’t know. It should be the first virtual reality movie, you know? Wouldn’t that be cool… to see Tron in that world?”

Now there’s a thought. Could a Disney-helmed third film in the series really be a big budget, feature-length VR movie? If there’s any franchise that would be a perfect fit for it, it’s this one, but there’s still so much work to be done to make VR mainstream and VR movies full engaging experiences that it has to be some way off. Would it be a 360 degree live action film or a fully VR experience? Would viewers be able to interact with the world around them or would they be simply onlookers?

Even a few years into the industry, Tron’s influence can be felt coursing through the VR scene. CCP Games’ upcoming Sparc, for example, is its own VR eSport that owes a lot to Tron’s basic concept and even its neo-retro visual aesthetic. That’s why we’d love to see the original inspiration embrace VR in this way.

What's your reaction?
  • Jonny

    I find it hard to believe since there aren’t enough VR theaters in the world to make it viable.

    • 1droidfan

      Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

  • polysix

    if it doesn’t come out till 2020.. maybe!

    Good to see Jeff behind VR though.

  • NooYawker

    I watched this movie in 3D.. not in the theaters but in VR. And it’s pretty glorious, it makes perfect sense to make this into VR but is the market large enough to justify the cost?

  • The Tron franchise as a whole gets my vote for complete 360 degree immersion in everything from movies to games to 3D printing, etc, etc. That being said, I am rather particular in how the next look and feel of the film should be. IMHO, “Legacy” was lacking in how the world was portrayed. But Disney came back strong with the atmosphere in “Uprising”. They have a “humble” library of designs and locations stored digitally pertaining to the Tron universe that can easily be incorporated into a 360 degree movie. Dialog should be kept to a minimum. If the viewer is literally immersed in this world, the protagonist(s) could simple offer a keyword like “focus” to bring the attention back to a particular moment of the story necessary to understand the story being told, itself. Other than that, the sky’s the limit on 360 degree effects!

  • T Sheehan

    Please, Tiny Baby Jesus. I need this to be a reality in my life. Well, a Virtual one at any rate.
    Cut the flat 2D 360 trash, and make it a better resolution 180-220 degree 3D thing. A *little* directorial focus on the action is a good thing.