Jimmy Kimmel Rips Facebook Spaces In New Video

by Jamie Feltham • April 20th, 2017

Facebook’s vision for social VR, Facebook Spaces, launched in early open beta this week, and reactions around the web have been mixed. You can always count on Jimmy Kimmel to find the hilarious pessimism in the news, though, and he hasn’t disappointed on this front.

Kimmel featured Spaces on his show this week, spotlighting the more cynical side to the platform that we’ve all joked about in the past. The video below brilliantly pokes fun at the idea of meeting up with virtualized friends when you’ll really be standing in a room by yourself. Fair warning: The dialogue is a little NSFW.

While it’s definitely funny, Kimmel’s words do point towards the harsher truth about mainstream acceptance of VR technology and its undeniable clunkiness. Personally, we’re quite fond of Spaces in it’s early state, but both it and the VR technology that supports it have a long way to go before they could ever possibly be the definitive new way to interact with the social network. Shaping this software to become something that audiences beyond tech enthusiasts can interact with will be one of Facebook’s biggest challenges in the months and years to come.

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  • iThinkMyCatIsAFlea

    Who would spend time in a world filled with Nintendo Mii’s?

  • Bundy

    Lol that was good

  • I can understand playing games with others in a social VR environment (Star Trek: Bridge Crew, The PSVR Playroom, etc), but interacting with friends like you are “there” with an avatar seems awkward with Spaces. A video chat seems so much more personal. Spaces makes for a nice tech demo, though.

  • Doctor Bambi

    It is pretty interesting to see the stigmas around VR start to develop. It’s human nature to put people in boxes when it comes to their interests and hobbies, usually focusing on the negative aspects of those hobbies. So for a VR nerd, you’re probably anti-social, depressed, and use the headset in a dark room by yourself. Oh and you’re probably naked.

    It doesn’t help that VR is currently so heavily focused on gaming which is tied to similar stigmas. I think eventually we’ll get past this as a society just like gaming finally became more main stream as time went on, but a cultural shift will likely take years to develop, and it’s something that will never completely go away.

    On a weirdly optimistic note, the fact that VR nerds have a box at all is a huge testament to how far the technology has come. It shows that VR, in general, has been accepted as a legitimate interest/hobby and the focus is now on the “weirdos” who love it so much.

  • jimrp

    He is worried for his job.

  • Graham J ⭐️

    It’s always fun trashing things you’ve never tried.

  • Mike Kessler (Mike4VR)

    He should speak with people like me who started out speaking to people in VR social apps such as vTime and then ended up circling the globe (Australia, Dubai and soon Kentucky) meeting the people in person who I had “met” virtually.

    Being able to experience 360 videos together within the virtual environment is way better than just speaking face to face in Skype or Facetime.

  • GodMk2

    Normally I’d comment, but I’m naked in my Vive and my hands are occupied.