$3 Million Milestone: Owlchemy’s ‘Job Simulator’ Is One of VR’s Best Selling Games

by Ian Hamilton • January 6th, 2017

Owlchemy Labs, the trailblazing developers of Job Simulator, today announced its VR game available for Rift, Vive, and PlayStation VR has officially cleared $3 million in sales, the largest figure we’ve heard to date for PC-based VR.

The Austin-based startup raised $5 million in August after developing a number of fundamental interaction technologies for its Vive-bundled launch title Job Simulator: the 2050 Archives. The game stopped being bundled with Vive purchases in August, selling straight to players instead at $30. When we asked for clarification on how exactly the $3 million number was calculated, Owlchemy Labs CEO Alex Schwartz told us it was “gross revenue before store cut” and “all of this revenue is from sales. Vive pack-in sales represent a very small portion of overall revenue to date.”

It also debuted on PlayStation VR and Oculus Touch with the release of those products late in the year, helping the company to cross the $3 million threshold. It was also the most downloaded PS VR game in all of 2016 on Sony’s online PSN Store. However, it’s unclear if it’s the most popular PS VR game overall, because this data doesn’t factor in physical game sales of boxed titles such as RIGS and Battlezone — Job Simulator does not have a boxed version.

Previously, we reported Survios’ Raw Data and Cloudhead’s The Gallery Episode 1 each cleared $1 million in sales. Like those titles, Owlchemy’s game is a showcase in room-scale VR design as it lets you playfully take the role of a cook, car mechanic, convenience store clerk, or office worker. Its “smaller human” mode for kids, as well as its humor and family-friendly atmosphere, set it up as an excellent first-time virtual experience for many people.

“Super exciting to see that VR content (if it has sufficient polish, quality design, etc) can do so well even in these early days!” said Schwartz in an email to UploadVR. “Very promising for VR, especially since we predict a number of ‘nay saying’ articles to come out in January about how ‘analysts were wrong!’ ‘VR didn’t sell enough units!’ Us who drank the Kool-Aid early know that a brand new medium takes time to get off the ground and these numbers are already very strong!”

Owlchemy is working to develop groudbreaking mixed reality software which could dramatically improve both the quality and ease of filming footage that seamlessly merges two realities, and the company is also expanding Job Simulator and developing a game for the popular animated series Rick and Morty.

While the $3 million figure is quite large, we can’t quite crown it as “the best selling VR title” yet, with games like Gunjack from CCP Games finding a home on roughly 1/10th of the 5 million Gear VRs sold so far, as well as the space shooter EVE: Valkyrie having been on the market just as long, also available on all three major platforms.

Update: This story has been updated for clarity regarding boxed vs. digital PS VR sales.

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  • “It was also the most downloaded PS VR game in all of 2016 on Sony’s online PSN Store — but this data doesn’t factor in physical game sales.”

    Yes it does as there isn’t any physical copy of job sim for the psvr

    Who writes this crap? Get a writer who has a clue please you can’t be taken seriously

    • While I do appreciate your comment, not all PS VR games are sold exclusively as digital games. What this means is that, yes, it is the top selling PS VR game on PSN, but it may not be the top selling PS VR game OVERALL because the data does not factor in physical game sales of titles such as RIGS, Battlezone, Until Dawn, and other games that have boxed releases.

      There is no need for insults — the story is accurate. I’ll make the statement more clear to help alleviate any confusion.

      • No insult given, I reacted to what I read.

        Clarify away

        • Dredgar

          You reacted poorly to what you read. The author was correct in what he said, your misinterpretation of his statement was wrong.

          Also, to call his article “crap” and say that they need a writer who “has a clue because you can’t be taken seriously”, that seems pretty insulting. Compounded by the fact that you were wrong… Well that just makes you super salty haha.

  • Jeremiah

    This game really was as fun as I hoped it would be and perhaps even more so. I’m glad they are expanding on it, new jobs would be amazing.

  • It’s my favourite VR game for Vive… kudos to them! And they started with awesome game even before that: I still remember having lots of fun with AAAaaaaaa for the Awesome the first day I tried my DK2!