GDC 2017: Job Simulator Is Getting A Talking JobBot Plushie And Other Merch

by Jamie Feltham • February 28th, 2017

Job Simulator’s instruction-giving JobBots might be the most abused characters in all of VR. We throw things as them, tell them to shut up and generally try to ignore them. It must be horrible to actually be them. Now you can do all of those things in real life too.

Videogame merchandise company iam8bit today announced that it’s partnered with Job Simulator developer Owlchemy Labs to release a line of merchandise based on the popular VR game. Headlining the collection is a talking JobBot Plush, pictured above with Owlchemy’s own Alex Schwartz. Yes, you can finally grab the JobBots in real life and toss them across the room, just like you throw sandwiches at them in the game. You can also hug them, we guess, if you’re into that.

JobBot has a set of phrases and even glows in the dark. What it can’t do, sadly, is teach you how to cook or fix a car. It costs $35 and is available to order now.

That’s not all, though. There’s a $25 t-shirt, a $10 set of magnets, two posters for $20, and a $10 JobBot pin. So if you really loved the game’s virtual office, then you can now make it your real office. Just don’t start wasting your staples and throwing your donuts. You’ll have to clean that up.

In all seriousness, this is a potential revenue stream we haven’t seen any VR developers really explore yet. Job Simulator’s memorable companions make it the perfect testbed, though the game itself is already a success; it’s made Owlchemy over $3 million in revenue and is the top-selling PlayStation VR (PSVR) app on the PlayStation Store. Currently the studio is working on its next game, Rick and Morty Simulator.

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