John Carmack to speak at GDC shortly after the public unveiling of Valve’s virtual reality headset

by Will Mason • February 26th, 2015

Wednesday is “Gearing” up to be a huge day for VR as the Game Developers Conference gets going in full swing. One of the major highlights of the event promises to be the unveiling of Valve’s mysterious virtual reality headset, which was announced earlier this week. It is expected that Valve will be showing their headset when the floor opens Wednesday, which should be the buzz of the early morning.

It is interesting to note that John Carmack, Oculus’ CTO, will be speaking about an hour after the show floor unveiling of Valve’s HMD, giving a talk entitled “The Dawn of Mobile VR.” The talk will focus on “the technical details of making mobile VR a reality,” and while Valve’s headset doesn’t appear to be joining the mobile VR ecosystem, it seems likely that someone will ask him about his thoughts on the new competitor (we presume). It will be interesting to see if he has anything to say about the new entry.

A commented out image found in the Steam page code.

Later in the day Oculus and Valve will actually “go head to head” as Alex Vlachos of Valve will be hosting a session on “Advanced VR Rendering” while Chris Pruett of Oculus will be hosting a roundtable discussion on “Virtual and Augmented Reality.” It seems likely that Valve’s headset will be on the table for discussion during this event, and it will be interesting to see who else is brought in for commentary.

Following closely on the heels of Carmack’s talk, Sony will be holding an in depth discussion on Project Morpheus, sharing updates on the project. Combined with NVIDIA’s HMD release, and we have quite the Wednesday in store for us.

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