Learn How To Create Amazing VR Experiences In 10 Weeks

by Tal Blevins • May 8th, 2017

Do you want a career in virtual and augmented reality? At Upload, we believe in practical education that prepares you for the real world. Our skills-based learning approach includes a focus on maximizing learning retention, exposure to real client projects and programs to help you build a powerful professional network.

Starting May 15, we will be hosting a 10-week intensive VR Development with Unity night course in both our San Francisco and Los Angeles learning centers. This weekly night course is perfect for beginners who want to invest in learning how to create professional VR experiences.

Learn more about the 10-week VR Development with Unity program

Our course curriculum is vetted by industry experts to ensure you’re taught the most up-to-date best practices and VR development techniques. Upload’s curriculum advisory includes:

  • Philip Rosedale, founder of SecondLife and High Fidelity
  • Tony Parisi, global head of VR/AR for Unity and creator of VRML
  • Cy Wise of Owlchemy Labs, creators of Job Simulator
  • Denny Unger, founder of Cloudhead Games, creator of The Gallery
  • Jules Urbach, 3D graphics pioneer, founder and CEO of Otoy

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Create a single-player VR experience
  • Create VR apps with Unity
  • Impllement VR design principles
  • Manage production of a VR project for a client
  • Communicate insights about VR
  • Teach others how to build VR experiences in Unity
  • Collaborate on a group Unity VR project

The 10-week course is beginner-friendly, and no prior Unity or programming experience is required.

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  • Jerome Hill

    OMG – please bring this to Austin, we have plenty of interest here – you won’t be disappointed with the turnout (or the BBQ, music, weather, etc..)

    • As a Texas native, I can confirm the BBQ is incredible in the Austin area.

  • Darrell Markie

    Even the Undertakers son is doing this.

  • jimrp

    Broaden it and have it online.

  • Ted Joseph

    Sucks that I decided to forgo my video game programming dream for a job in automotive.. If I could do it all over, I wouldn’t have blinked. I would have went straight into video game programing – it would have been the intellivision days, but I would have still been going strong now.. 🙁 – Oh well, I am still alive to enjoy the dream that every game lover back in the 80’s hoped for. VR! LOVING IT!

    • There’s absolutely no reason you can’t do it now if you set your mind to it – it’s never too late!

      Even if it’s just something you do in your spare time for fun, the first time you put on that headset in a world you’ve created is so immensely rewarding. 🙂

      • Mike

        I completely agree with Calmfixup.

        Similar story for me, loved VR since seeing it on Tommorows World in 1990, I decided to go down web development when I left college. 18 years later i’m a CTO so not so much development time anymore but still need something for passion and to reignite that passion for development and seeing your creation come to life.

        As soon as I got VR, I downloaded unity and got cracking. 4 Months later, I have setup a Limited Company, registered with HMRC, created a website and will be presenting my game to lots of industry professionals for 5 hours on Thursday 27th April. I’m currently waiting for Oculus to review and hopefully approve my game.

        It was a lots of learning , lots of late nights and long weekends while looking after 2 kids (wife helped a lot with this one:)), working full time.

        If you want it go get it! Good luck

  • Karthik H Raju

    Would you be able to extend these classes to online audience?

  • Very limited to people who can travel easily to that area.

  • Liagel

    +1000 for an online course wich would be great for international audience 🙂