Orion Trail, LeBron James and Tactera highlight new Gear VR downloads

by Ian Hamilton • December 27th, 2015

A modern take on the classic Oregon Trail computer game (Orion Trail), a real-time strategy demo (Tactera), a terrifying experience in a creepy living room (Sisters) and a 360-degree tour through the life of basketball superstar LeBron James are among the eight new apps released on the Oculus store for Gear VR during Christmas week.

We’ll dive into some of these apps individually in the coming days but here is a look at each of them.

Orion Trail VR ($5)

Developer: Schell Games


Description: “Sit in the Captain’s chair and dare to travel the absurd and dangerous Orion Trail, where only the luckiest, bravest, and most stubborn Captains will make it all the way to the end. Come face the terrible and weird Synapsion Brain Beast. Cower before the pedantic might of Baxxtar the Instructor. Submit to the overwhelming cuteness of the three eyed Warp Weasel. Become famously incredible or incredibly dead!”

Deadhead ($5)

Developer: Level 2 VR


Description: “It’s probably safe to say that no living soul can click fast enough to blast away all of the enemies in this first-person arcade shooter. We even attached a bayonette to the end of your multipurpose gun for melee attacks and added a soul vial that can upgrade your attributes overtime. Choose your companion wisely — every death is a new beginning.”

Bouncer VR ($3)

Developer: TerraNovita Software


Description: “In the game, you control a shield with your vision. Collect coloured resources to charge your abilities and to attack, but beware the enemy can bounce your attacks back at you. You win when the enemy has no more health. You can collect various abilities by defeating enemies. Some abilities shoot special balls, speed up or split the balls, while others change the gameplay dramatically. Bouncer VR is a tribute to the arcade games of the past and present. Simple to play, yet engaging and challenging.”

LeBron James — Striving for Greatness (Free)

Developer: Felix & Paul Studios


Description: “LeBron James – Striving for Greatness is a cinematic virtual reality experience that transports the viewer in the heart of the NBA superstar’s intensive pre-season training. As LeBron is about ot begin his 13th campaign, he works relentlessly with his trainer Mike Mancias to stay on top of his game and become a better player. In between his yoga, pilates, swimming, weight-lifting and basketball training sessions, LeBron reflects on the challenges he faces and shares with the viewer what inspires him to pursue his dreams.”

GrooVR (Free)

Developer: Presence Labs


Description: “Music driven virtual reality…free for all. Your music drives a constantly growing and widely varying catalog of virtual reality experiences. Stream your music from Spotify and SoundCloud, or play music files directly from your device, all within GrooVR. Experience your music in a reality that must be seen to believe.”

Sisters (Free)

Developer: Otherworld Interactive


Description: “Be careful where you look, because something or someone doesn’t want you here! Live the first chapter of Otherworld Interactive’s Sisters, designed for mobile VR. Played by over half a million people, Sisters is now available on Gear VR. Experience the terror for yourself! Players watch the terror unfold around them in immersive 360-degree visuals and audio. The experience is designed for headphones. Sisters is an official Sundance 2016 Selection and will be shown at New Frontiers in January along with the next chapter of the Sisters’ story.”

Tactera Demo (Free Concept)

Developer: E McNeill


Description: “Tactera is a VR Real-Time Strategy game set on a virtual holographic tabletop. In a futuristic command center, a holographic display allows you to see beyond the fog of war. Build swarms of gunships, tanks, bombers, and other units, and use your hi-tech view of the battlefield to strategically outmaneuver the enemy! This is a demo version of Tactera. The full version is expected to be released in Q1 of 2016, with a campaign mode, multiplayer, new maps, and new units.”

vTime (Free Concept)

Developer: Starship


Description: “vTime Early Access is a VR sociable network that allows anyone, anywhere to socialize with family and friends in virtual reality. Experience a growing library of incredible locations as you connect and chat with others in the virtual world. Personalize your avatar to create a bespoke virtual you, with more customization options and features coming monthly.”


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