Left-Hand Path Developer Hugh Hancock Suddenly Passes Away

by Jamie Feltham • February 8th, 2018

Hugh Hancock, the developer of popular VR RPG Left-Hand Path, suddenly passed away this week.

Hancock’s death was reported by his friends online, confirming that he suffered a sudden heart attack. He was in his early 40s.

Though his most recent work was within VR, Hancock is best known for founding Machinima, a gaming media outlet that currently stands as one of the biggest gaming-focused networks on YouTube. He created animations for the company under his own studio name, Strange Company, including films like Bloodspell. In 2016, the company was sold to Warner Bros. Digital Networks. Left-Hand Path, which Hancock had been working on for over a year, was the first and only VR project created under that label. He had, however, been experimenting with VR for years, having developed a project for the 2013 Rift Jam.

Left-Hand Path is a Dark Souls-inspired RPG that released in November 2017. Players cast spells to fight back vicious monsters across a full campaign. On Steam, it held a very positive average rating from over 100 reviews.

Tributes to Hancock have been coming in over the past few days.

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  • MowTin

    I’m around his age. It makes me think I can have a heart attack and die at any moment. It’s sad that he should go so early. He had so much more to contribute.

    • Bundy

      Yup, me too. I’m 41, and went to my doctor a few months ago for blood tests. He came in the room and told me “Your cholesterol is crazy.” I was like, “Oh, it’s high huh?” He said, “Not high… Crazy.” I don’t think he meant “crazy good.”

      So now, few months later, I eat lots of veggies.

    • Walextheone

      Yeah it’s scary to become older than 40 somehow. The heart or some Cancerous disease is what scares me. Heart problem is perhaps a bit easier to prevent with healthy lifestyle at least.

      • MowTin

        Yeah, we all just assume we’re going to live to be 90 and die of old age. I doubt he had any idea the end was so near.

        • kool

          Yall depressing me…i gotta get some healthcare!

    • Ballpeen

      As a programmer for almost 40 yrs now (only 15 lbs overweight), I had my 1st heart attack when I was 37 and a 2nd one about 10 yrs later.
      I sat at a work desk for over 30 yrs & I blame that for most of my health issues.

      I can vouch for the NEED to do some sort of aerobic activity multiple times a week. <——
      One thing that works for me is a recumbent exercise bike while watching tv or Youtube. Makes it easy to spend 30+ min on aerobics everyday.

      I take meds for my cholesterol, blood pressure & recently for Type 2 diabetes now.
      FYI, shortness of breath after only walking a short distance is a strong sign of high blood pressure. <—-
      Any kind of pain emanating from your chest, may also goes up your neck or in the middle of your back, with cold sweats, shortness of breath, are all symptoms I felt when an attack was coming on.

      I live with a little fear, in the back of my mind everyday, that death could come at any time.
      Just posting this as a heads-up to all of us who spend too much time on the computer or watching tv.

      Doesn't hurt to have a yearly checkup & blood test for cholesterol & blood sugar. Keep moving!!

  • James Clerk Maxwell

    If you haven’t already, check “What the Health” documentary. The food we eat plays a crucial role in the health of arteries and the development of cardiovascular diseases.

    • kool

      “What the health” made me give up on health. I don’t even eat beef or pork, but the cows are going to blow the earth up with methane farts! Good luck getting these slobs to stop stuffing their holes full of triple burgers n such tho!

  • LowRezSkyline

    This is such a shock, I ‘met’ Hugh on Hacker-News discussing his VR game and dev tools.

  • What a terrible news