Lenovo’s Windows MR Headset Arrives In August For $399 Says Insider Member

by Jamie Feltham • April 24th, 2017

Microsoft has so far only offered vague windows for the launch dates and prices of its Windows 10 Mixed Reality headsets, made in partnership with a range of companies. However a report today may have revealed specific details for Lenovo’s take on the concept.

Information comes by way of Ross McDougall, a member of the Lenovo Insiders program, who was reportedly briefed on the situation this month. McDougall claims that Lenovo’s kit will be arriving in August 2017 for $399. It will have a 1440×1440 display and weigh 380g. It will reportedly work with select HoloLens software and launch with the Lenovo Entertainment Hub, which allows you to play many traditional 2D games inside the headset (though it’s far from a pleasant experience).

McDougall also reported previously-confirmed features like dual cameras, compatibility with traditional 2D apps and, of course, the inside-out tracking that provides six degrees of freeom (6DOF).

Though this information comes from a member of the Insiders program, we’re still not entirely sure this means a full consumer release or a new developer kit. Lenovo did recently suggest its device will come in the ‘back-to-school‘ period, though, and August certainly fits the bill. UploadVR has reached out to Lenovo for comment, but didn’t hear back by the time of publication (UPDATE: Lenovo declined to comment).

Currently Microsoft is sending out development kits for the Acer version of the Windows 10 VR headsets, which don’t have a firm release date. We’re also expecting to see devices from Dell, HP, and Asus. Microsoft says these devices will support a range of controllers — though so far we’ve only used one with an Xbox gamepad — and will vary in price and specs. Each is set to launch this holiday season, and Microsoft has assured us that they’ll very much be entertainment devices at first.

Moving in 2018, Microsoft will also bring mixed reality support to its upcoming Project Scorpio console. What that means for these headsets remains unclear for now.

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  • Rmax

    It was 2xOLED 1440×1440 no ?

  • wrapter

    with the 2 cameras, wouldn’t that give 9 DOF?

    • Nicholas

      Only if you’re living in an alternate universe…

      • braylien


  • ender707

    Has anything been said about these being able to play regular VR games, like open VR games on Steam?

    • Jamie Feltham

      Not yet!

    • koenshaku

      I’m sure steam will add support for it. The only problem with that is no motion controllers, which basically makes this thing a first gen oculus without the camera trackers of course. Without motion controllers the immersion just will not be there. I hope they don’t tickle these down to Xbox I think that would be a mistake if they do unless they revolutionize full body tracking via the built-in cameras at least like a kinnect on steroids to interact in 3D environments.

      • ender707

        I completely agree that motion controllers are a must. I can see those being a problem with only the HMD cameras providing tracking though. Really interested to see how these sets will look once rolled out…

      • Nicholas

        You may be able to supplement it with a pair of Razer Hydra controllers, as some Rift users were doing on SteamVR before Touch arrived? It’s a far from ideal solution though.

    • 12Danny123

      The input and tracking model is too different from OpenVR and Oculus for it to work.

    • Atanas Ctonlob

      Yeah you can play regular games with the headset.. its a pain in the ass to setup.

      Theres few programs. Vorpx, Vireiro, and TriDef i’ve used vorpx and tridef and it works but as i said.. huge pain to setup to work properly.

  • 1440×1440 is lower resolution than the vive. this sucks.

    • mellott124

      How’s that? Vive is 1080×1280 per eye. I guess I’m assuming it’s 1440×1440 per eye.

  • Sebastien Mathieu

    Seems nice, no tracked controllers tought…. thats not enough anymore…..

  • Gerald Terveen

    He also posts:

    “Dual VGA cameras
    PC Min spec – Intel i5 & HD620 (RS3)
    Content Library:
    20,000 Win10 2D Apps
    Select Hololens APPs
    Lenovo Entertainment Hub”

    Now how much Mixed Reality can we expect from dual VGA cameras? Those make sense for the image processing to get the tracking data, not so sure we get a convincing Mixed Reality experience once we blow that resolution up to whatever FOV these have.

    In other words I very much doubt these will have any Mixed Reality functionality at all!

  • TimothyStone

    The Mixed reality VR standard that Microsoft has for development is this:

    It’s 1440×1440 resolution PER EYE
    90 hz

    Microsoft is working on a wireless controller for VR that will probably arrive next year (Source: Alex Kipman)
    The goal is to have wireless VR next year with inside-out-tracking.

    The inside-out tracking uses two 3-D Depth sensors (think Hololens sensors)