Liam Payne Set To Star In MelodyVR’s First Live VR Concert

by Jamie Feltham • December 11th, 2018

Since its launch on Oculus Go earlier this year the MelodyVR app has mainly focused on building out a library of concerts recorded in 360 degrees for people to watch back in VR. Attending a live concert without having to leave your home has always been one of VR’s big promises, though, and the service is set to provide just that next week with the help of former One Direction star Liam Payne.

MelodyVR is set to host its first livestream on December 19th, broadcasting Payne’s headline show in London at a secret location. He might be best known for the larger boy band, but Payne’s been going his own as a solo act ever since the group went on indefinite┬áhiatus in 2016 (bet you never thought you’d read about this on UploadVR?). He’s bound to perform his new single, Polaroid, at the show but he’s also been known to perform a One Direction song or two in his own sets from time to time.

MelodyVR will be giving away a limited number of tickets to attend the show in person but, for everyone else around the globe, you’ll be able to watch it inside Go and Gear VR. You’ll get to experience the show as if you were there in person with none of the mosh pits (okay maybe there won’t be any mosh pits at a Liam Payne concert). Payne is set to release more content on the platform throughout 2019.

Concerts have been livestreamed in VR before, but MelodyVR’s platform will allow users to switch between different cameras during the show to get the view they want, be it front row seating or a more panoramic landscape. If you’re interested in watching along you’ll need to boot up the app at 8PM GMT (about 3PM ET/12PM PT) on Monday, December 19th.

MelodyVR is still due to release on other VR headsets like PSVR and Oculus Rift in the near future.

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