London’s DNA VR Arcade Is Officially Open For Business

by Jamie Feltham • July 20th, 2017

Update: DNA VR is now open for business. You can book a trip via the official website.

Original Story: VR arcades are starting to pop up all over the world, from Tokyo to Los Angeles. Strangely, the UK capital of London hasn’t got one to call its own so far. That is until now.

DNA VR this week announced that it will soon be launching its own VR arcade in London. Visitors will be able to book slots to try popular experiences like Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine, Everest VR, and Tilt Brush. The facility will be using the HTC Vive headset and it’s set to be based in Islington.

The company confirmed to UploadVR that it had permission to showcase each of the 25 apps that will feature at the arcade. In some cases the company will have agreed to schemes developers have in place for using their content, while others will use a commercial use scheme through Steam. DNA VR has a Steam Site License so that it can change the selection of games on offer over time.

But it won’t just be other developer’s games on show at the arcade. DNA VR will also have its own exclusive game, a multiplayer experience named Alice in Wonderland Stories. Here two to six players will work together to progress through the experience. This app was developed with another team that DNA VR has purchased the license from.

VR arcades are becoming a popular way for people to experience VR without having to lay down at least $399 for a headset like PlayStation VR or $799 for a Vive, not to mention the expenses of a PC or console to power them. They also usually feature ideal setups for room scale experiences. Companies like HTC value the VR arcade industry as big business going forward.

Testing for the arcade starts this month, though a full launch date has not been announced. Booking will be opening up via an official website.

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