It Looks Like Vive Pro Already Has FCC Approval

by Jamie Feltham • January 11th, 2018

HTC’s Vive Pro was only announced a few days ago, but it looks like it already has FCC approval.

As spotted by Reddit user Igats, an HTC Vive headset was issued FCC approval on 16th November 2017 (if only we’d spotted it back then). There aren’t many details about the device itself but, considering the Vive Pro was revealed less than two months after, it’s a pretty safe bet that this listing refers to the improved headset. Now we know it’s safe for sale in the US.

The Vive Pro was unveiled at HTC’s CES press conference. It boasts a 3K display and integrated audio as well as an improved design and full backwards compatibility with older Vive titles. Crucially, the headset is going on-sale as a standalone unit for pre-existing Vive owners this quarters, hence why the FCC listing arrived so early. A full package included updated base station trackers will be launching later in the year.

We went hands-on with the Vive Pro this week. Overall it makes VR experiences much clearer and the integrated audio is highly immersive. Right now, we don’t have a price for the device; can HTC mark it competitively in the increasingly cheaper VR market?

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  • moranmike127

    Looks great !! , I hope they start taking orders asap ..

  • Ben Bethel

    This will finally cause me to jump off the fence and buy one… I’ve played with Vive and Oculus before, but I think this combination of features makes it for me. Just need a computer for it which sucks, I’ve been a Chromebook Pixel / Pixelbool / Pixel 2 XL user for a while now, and haven’t owned a pc in about 6 years… I’d love to see the headset use the room to track position rather than sensors, and would love the wireless transmitter option included and built in… maybe I wait until 2019? But I just can’t … Tilt Brush is just something I can get lost in for hours at a time…

    • Smokey_the_Bear

      oprah 2020, ahahahahahaha.
      You should wait for late this year, when Oculus will sell the Santa Cruz, its a stand alone HMD, completely wireless & don’t need no big ol pc.