Magic Leap Finally Reveals Its AR Headset, Magic Leap One

by Jamie Feltham • December 20th, 2017

After years of mystery and speculation, Magic Leap today finally revealed its first augmented reality product, Magic Leap One Creator Edition.

A new website detailing the device, which projects digital images into the real world, just went live providing our first look at it. Magic Leap One consists of a new AR headset named Lightwear and is accompanied by a tethered companion device named Lightpack that powers AR experiences with performance that the company compares to a laptop computer. It also features a remote-like controller with a trackpad and six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking.

Lightwear is fitted with a range of sensors — eight are seen on the front of the device — that gather a 3D reading of your real-world surroundings. With this information, the device uses lightfield photonics to produce virtual objects in the real world that can interact with desks, chairs and other physical objects. The device can also memorize this data so that objects left in one room will remain there when you return.

The kit features what the company calls ‘soundfield audio’, providing positional information from sound sources. Along with the controller, input methods also include eye-tracking, voice recognition, head pose and gesture recognition.

The Creator Edition is shipping next year and you can sign up over on the site to find out more. Pricing for the device, which is essentially a developer kit, hasn’t been announced. Magic Leap will open its Creator Portal in early 2018, introducing its software development kit (SDK) that will help developers get started making their own AR content.

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  • zflorence1

    This literally appeared when i refreshed the page. Holy Sh*#!

    • Bibelo

      Appeared out of the blue on my FB timeline

      • gothicvillas

        FB is bad. I have erased my account and now all my devices (lots of them!) have no FB on either one of them. I am literally FB-free. Oh man, it feels great!!!!

  • Ted Joseph

    What is the FOV???

    • impurekind


  • impurekind

    Goofy looking, has a limited field of view (this has already been reported), and doesn’t really impress me. AR has basically completely failed to impress to date–the exact opposite to how VR has left me very impressed already.

    • GarynTX

      You’ve completely missed the point. First, this is not AR and it is not convergence based like your VR headset and even the Hololens uses. This is Mixed reality and not the crap Microsoft is trying to push with their “Mixed reality” devices. The stuff you will see mixes with the real world. They will both occlude and be occluded by real world objects. Some of this stuff will literally trick your brain into thinking it is real. I can guarantee that when you actually see this device the first time, you will be blown away. Even more that you were with VR.

      • Newtybar

        have you tried it? By MS devices, do you mean Hololense or their VR stuff?

        • GarynTX

          I mean their VR stuff they call mixed reality. Hololens is a step in the right direction. They will eventually evolve to lightfield over convergence. But at least they will have a lot of the ground work done as far as spacial programming.

          • zflorence1

            I agree. Light fields with variable focus are the future for MR. Photonics is where the real breakthroughs will be I think. Imagine a clear lens that can generate and pass through images, track your eyes, and send out IR and capture environment maps all at the same time and you could essentially have a pair of magic glasses styled like the ones bought in optometry stores today. The days of these awkward looking HMDs and AR goggles are just a slice on the overall timeline.

      • gothicvillas

        Im lucky to still have some VHS tapes. I extended my arms and had a good look. No. I wont be blown away. Maybe quantum PC technology will help to get AR the needed boost.

      • impurekind

        It’s basically AR. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and then trying to get me to take a sip too.

  • zflorence1

    This is a step in the right direction. Will be interesting to see how many focal planes worth of wave guides they stacked to handle accommodation. It appears from the form factor that they didn’t use the “lightfield chip” (lens) for eye tracking image capture, but without seeing the interior its hard to tell. The field of view should be able to be increased, but I wouldn’t bet it would be more than 50 or 60 degrees on this developers addition. We are on the cusp of some real innovation. This is just the start.

    • fuyou2

      Stop talking crap..The whole thing stinks of BS. Much worse than I imagined, the fucking morons don’t even tell the FOV??? What a con job!

      • zflorence1

        I wouldn’t call most of the industry’s R&D labs crap especially one backed as much as ML but your entitled to an opinion. What were you imagining exactly and where are these morons and con jobs you speak of?

        • fuyou2

          After billions of dollars in investments any many years of BS HYPE this is what they put up? Where Are The HW Specs? FOV? Resolution? ect. ect. Take a look at ZED mini, much much more effective than this.

  • Jim P

    I’ll get excited when or if they show on there promise. The glasses look good compared to others

    • clawjelly

      And even that looks better than those glorified double-ashtrays that guy up there is wearing…

  • fuyou2


  • Jay degaris

    FOV , VHS tape held at arms length, WTF, that is like 20 degrees! What a bunch of liars. Who gives a shit about the tracking when it’s the optics and the display they were hyping up. Here is my design, I think it’s better, it has 240 degree FOV with eye tracking and real fur! it’s only $50 I am taking pre-orders now

  • We wanted tech specs, they gave us photoshopped images

  • larry

    How many AR type glasses have yo seen in the last 20 years. Hundreds if not thousands. Many of them have one thing in common; before they shut down to the public. They get the public to do their own work; calling it dev kits. It’s like that hand gesture bar we sold in games and TV; which was designed by the Israeli military unit. Hey, why not get the public to do the work and save us money right. Think it can’t happen; then look at ubuntu and all the other free op systems. It works; and it’s gong wild now. There are two things are are costly; one of which is a persons time. How do you make a persons a happy slave? You convince them it it will be fun and help them in the future. Or how about paying higher taxes. How do you make people pay more and be happy about it. How about lottery tickets and a myriad of other ways. Enjoy the etch people. I won’t get excited until they are built the way I like and I can walk in and buy them. I’m thinking the govt won’t allow that to happen for a good while. I”m talking something that I can mend into other lifestyle events; without being useless.
    Remember preaching for years; that glass by google was a ruse. That they wouldn’t sell them to the public; with more detail on why. They sent me an early adopter kit; and offered them for sale; for a couple months to shoot down the conspiracy theme. Good luck people. You’re not gong to like how this planet turn out.