Magic Leap Job Listing Suggests Big Retail Presence Incoming

by Jamie Feltham • February 19th, 2018

As with virtual reality, the best way to get people to understand augmented reality is to get them to actually try it. To that end, it looks like Magic Leap will be making a big push towards getting its kit into people’s hands in the future.

The Florida-based AR company is currently looking for a Director of Store Design to come and work at its headquarters. In the listing, the company explains that the successful individual will be in charge of “store design and fixturing”, suggesting Magic Leap is planning for a big retail push with its upcoming AR headset, Magic Leap One.

Rather than its very own stores, though, the listing suggests Magic Leap is set to focus on events, pop-up stores and taking up space inside existing stores for its retail presence. It’s not hard to picture demo kiosks as Best Buy just like the Oculus Rift launched with, for example, but we’d also expect to see stands in shopping malls and festivals as the company pushes the tech to the masses.

We likely won’t see the company’s plans for retail for some time; Magic Leap One is launching later this year but it could be that the early rollout for the device is mainly aimed at enthusiasts. We recently heard that the cheapest version of the headset may start at around $1,000, so it’s likely to be some time before the mainstream audience is ready to buy into the tech.

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  • Vrtual Space

    BTW – Go to a Best Buy and try to find the Oculus or the Vive. None in stock and generally look way in the back of the store.Good luck Magic Leap there is plenty room back near the refurb / open box items….

  • Jim P

    True Best Buy has The Rift in a showcase box not even in the video game section. And appointment only to try it. Which is not good for advertising. Plenty of employees roaming around don’t see why they can not have someone there everyday to advertise VR.

    • SomeGuyorAnother

      Not appointment only, as if they don’t have any appointments, they will let curious passerbys try it out, as well. Unless said representative is just being lazy and just aims to maximize their downtime.

      • Jim P

        Humble TX one must be lazy

        • SomeGuyorAnother

          I remember just walking in on a slow Sunday and going right up to the guy and he was more than excited to just be doing something than standing around. That was about a year and a half ago, so things may have gotten more lax in that area of the company focus and needs to be reinvigorated.

  • $1000 starting price …. That huckster Abovitz is insane. lol

    • LowRezSkyline

      More like 2k; he’s described the price as an par with upper/higher end laptops. Think MacBook Pro’s, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were $2,500.00. The dude is most definitely a huckster. 😉