Magic Leap One Is Designed For Indoor Use, Fit Shown For The First Time

by Ian Hamilton • June 6th, 2018

Magic Leap just offered the most detailed look yet at its hardware. But don’t get too excited — all they did was press the power button to show that Magic Leap One actually turns on.

The startup which raised billions in funding and spent years developing its product in almost complete secrecy is ramping up for a 2018 release. Magic Leap One is geared toward developers and creators and features a pocket processing pack with a wire running to goggles. The eyewear is covered in a suite of sensors designed to understand the surrounding environment and there’s a hand-held controller which is tracked by the headset.

After years of hype and secrecy, these livestreams on Twitch are finally starting to offer developers some tangible information. The second stream happened today revealing a more detailed look at the system than the company has offered before — showing a USB-C connection on the processing pack, for instance, so it can connect directly to a laptop for development. The headset needs to be calibrated for eye tracking and fitting, Magic Leap representatives explained, but Shanna De Iullis from Magic Leap’s Technical Marketing team also showed how quickly the headset slips on once that’s already been done.

Magic Leap also confirmed that they are gearing this initial headset toward indoor use and that they don’t recommend wearing glasses while wearing it (they are working with a partner on prescription lenses). Representatives promised to show more in future streams, but for now they’ve only shown the device power up with some indicator lights turning on.

Check out the video on Twitch and skip to about 15 minutes in to see a tour of the hardware.


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