Magic Leap Reveals Partnership With The NBA

by Ian Hamilton • February 13th, 2018

Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver revealed a new partnership during Recode’s Code Media conference.

Details were sparse, but Silver and Abovitz revealed plans to experiment with Magic Leap’s technology as a way to enjoy professional basketball.

“Please let me be inside of people’s glasses when they put them on,” former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal said in a prepared video wearing Magic Leap’s device.

In a blog post, Magic Leap added the following:

With Magic Leap, fans will be able to watch NBA games with groundbreaking features that overlay data into their sport-viewing experience, with screens placed all around their environment. We’ve even used volumetric capture to bring a life-size Shaquille O’Neal presence right into your living room. At launch we will have a curated list of archived NBA games featuring the most exhilarating matchups from recent seasons, as well as a selection of highlight clips of your favorite teams and players. We are working towards bringing the live NBA game experience to Magic Leap One.

Abovitz also added they plan to ship a creator’s edition of Magic Leap’s first headset in 2018 and are targeting the price of a high end phone or tablet for the cost of their initial device. That suggests it could be somewhere in the range of $1,000 or more, though obviously there are no details about what that might include.

Livestream of the talk is below:

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  • Smokey_the_Bear

    That was the clearest he has been on talking about pricing. He said he launching the mid range product first, I’m guessing around 2-3 grand. Then (I’d guess next year) he wants a lower end, and higher end product. So by late 2019, I’d bet you have a $1,000, $2,000,and a $3,000 pair of AR goggles.

    The guy doing the interviewing was a bit of a dick, but I actually liked that, he wasn’t throwing them softball questions like a giddy school girl clamoring for the product.

  • Jim P

    Can we just see what it can do. If it’s a turd it’s going to be a turd no matter how long you hold off on showing what it can do.

    • dk

      anything the hololens can do ….slightly better display ….lighter on your head and 6dof controller …..that’s it……the good enough leap

  • impurekind

    It’s gonna cost more than it should and do less than we’d all like imo.