Developers Should Be Able To Try Magic Leap Tech in San Francisco ‘Soonish’

by Ian Hamilton • July 13th, 2016

According to Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz, the well-funded startup’s relationship with Disney extends to a “secret” lab in San Francisco where developers will eventually be invited to work on projects prior to the launch of the company’s highly touted technology.

The lab isn’t actually very secret. Abovitz revealed its location — its near the Yoda fountain (see above) on Lucasfilm’s Presidio campus in San Francisco. In a talk where he revealed Magic Leap’s plan for a computer you can use as frequently as a pair of glasses, Abovitz also said thousands of people have seen the company’s technology by now. Unfortunately, those people signed non-disclosure agreements. That means figuring out just how well the technology actually delivers on its promises is a task for the imagination. Abovitz said that could change “hopefully soonish”.

As for the San Francisco location, Abovitz said “we’ll have a part that cannot be accessed by regular people, it’ll just be for Magic Leap/Lucasfilm development. And then there’s a…developer lab that we’re building out that all kinds of devs from the Bay Area can come in, and hopefully hang out and build stuff before launch.”

Magic Leap received nearly $800 million in funding in February and seems to be on a fast track to commercializing its next generation light field tech.

Wait to see it, I cannot.

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