SculptrVR’s Smooth Update Adds Incredible Detail To Hand-Made Worlds

by Ian Hamilton • October 6th, 2017

SculptrVR’s “Smooth” update looks poised to enable the creation of far more expressive hand-made objects and worlds.

The ground up rewrite of the software is expected to debut later this month on Steam and Daydream offering people the chance to shape by hand far more detailed objects and worlds. Unlike some other VR creation software, in SculptrVR you can easily invite up to 15 others to join you playing around inside these worlds or shaping them alongside you. It’s a bit like Minecraft and a bit like Oculus Medium, but also different enough that it provides a unique experience — and that was before this update.

“It’s a completely new experience,” designer Nathan Rowe wrote in an email. “That being said, all old saves are forward compatible, and a lot of the workflow will feel familiar to previous users.”

Desert Ruins by Nick Ladd (@NickTheLadd)

I’ve had enormous fun in SculptrVR, which let you resize yourself for incredibly entertaining interactions as you can become, for example, the size of an ant firing rockets at your gigantic friend.

But for artists the new features should allow them to make sharper edges and cleaner shapes then drill down into highly detailed models.

“Everything you make is solid,” Rowe wrote. “You can fluidly switch between additive and subtractive sculpting, and can create using metal, clay, and glowing material of any color. The new layer system enables users to mix mediums and combine smooth, voxel, and polygonal sculpting.”

SculptrVR sells for around $20 on Steam and $5 on Google Play and the update should arrive in the next few weeks. Rowe passed along some of the creations artists have been building in the software. Here are some more examples:

Twilight by Mr. Douglas

Winter Mech by Chuck Leone (@ChuckLeone)


Featured image “Cat And Mouse” by Alec Fredericks (@ACFred)

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