Makers Of Metro: Last Light Set Release Date For ARKTIKA.1

by Ryan Winterhalter • September 12th, 2017

4A games, the makers of the critically acclaimed Metro: 2033 and Metro Last Light revealed upcoming post-apocalyptic VR shooter, ARKTIKA.1 is now available for pre-order. Coming in at $26.99, a 10% discount off of its planned post-release price of $29.99, the Oculus Touch exclusive will hit the Oculus store on Oct. 12, nearly a year after it was announced last year.

ARKTIKA.1’s blasted-looking Eastern European setting should be familiar to Metro fans, though it’s not part of the developer’s signature series. Set in Vostok, a region of Russia ravaged by climate change, you play as a mercenary contracted to defend a remote settlement.

Weapons take center stage in ARKTIKA.1. The campaign will introduce players to a range of guns, from the utilitarian revolver to the high-tech electromagnetic pistol, complete with enemy-seeking bullets.

Since the game’s debut, we’ve had three hands-on experiences. The first, at last year’s Oculus Connect 3, impressed us with its use of the then-unreleased Oculus touch controllers. The action-heavy first taste had us testing and modifying weapons, and the ability to actually reach behind oneself and pull out a new gun felt badass.

Our second crack at ARKTIKA.1 came during this year’s Game Developer Conference. 4A opted to tone down the action of this demo in favor of establishing the game’s narrative. We remarked on the incredible graphical fidelity and world-building.

Finally, we had another chance to check out 4A’s shooter in May of this year. We expressed concern that ARKTIKA.1’s teleportation-based movement system might suck the fear and tension out of an otherwise-suspenseful action shooter.

As one of only a handful of AAA VR action games coming out this year, we’re excited to spent more time with ARKTIKA.1 next month. What do you think? Will 4A’s first push into VR live up to its promise, or are we setting ourselves up for disappointment?

What's your reaction?
  • David D. Taylor

    I’m hopeful, and plan on picking it up. It looks very fun to me!

  • NooYawker

    So.. same predetermined teleport locations? It’s really just a glorified wave shooter if that’s the case.

  • Ted Joseph

    Sadly, this is the only way I can play without getting sick. Teleportation or snap movement (like The Mages Tale)… So I will be buying this game.

  • ImmerGen Studios

    I don’t know why people focus so much on VR movement mechanics. It is much more important that the game takes advantage of what VR has to offer than what it doesn’t. VR is great for in depth, immersive story telling. (Although I don’t think anyone has really nailed that yet either). Stop trying to shoehorn FPS mechanics into VR. Slower paced, local cover based combat can be more realistic and just a thrilling as twitch based run and gun.

    • Mane Vr

      I don’t play games to do what I can already do in real life and to each his own to me the wrong kind of movement (teleporting, snap turns) make a game unplayable to me for u it might not be that big of a deal

      • Sean Owen Birch

        You shoot people in real life?

        • Mane Vr

          no that is why I play games to shoot people in them. I guess I should have said “i don’t play games for realism” I never said there shouldn’t be teleporting or snap turning but that for me they make the game unplayable. ex. Killing floor has smooth locomotion with snap turns so I am unable to play it because of the lack of smooth turning I do own the game but only cause I can’t get a refund on it and so I wait to see if they add it

          • KUKWES

            The truth has finally come out LOL

      • care package

        what you said made no sense. teleporting and snap turning are both examples of things you CAN’T do in real life.

    • Cl

      You can have smooth movement and it can also be slow paced and need cover… I think i know what you mean though. Just because it has predetermined teleport doesnt mean its a bad game. Id play it.

  • direx1974

    Predetermined teleports? No way! Even for this resonable price tag. I’m a human. I can move and maybe someone tell the devs that not all people on this planet suffer from motion sickness …

    • Mane Vr

      I tried to after seeing the panel at OC2 . they basically said it’s for my safely and that I will thank them for it so I told them no and that my new mission will be to make sure as many people know about their mind set on this. other devs has rethink teleport only games even devs who were on the same panel as 4agames has change their game to add full locomotion but not these guys. this game should fail so we get no more teleport only games they refuse to listen and has a we know better mindset

      • care package

        Should fail? That’s a little extreme. Teleport will go away over time (mostly anyway). Devs are listening. All non-devs should also understand though, teleporting actually gives some advantage. It’s like the advantages you get from linear gameplay. Less computation = better visuals/better story. A good example is Wilson’s Heart. Had they implemented full loco some things in the game couldn’t have been done as cleanly. That’s coming from the devs. I’m only saying there is ‘some’ silver lining. I’m all for full loco. I think every game should give ‘the’ 3 choices, but at a (small) cost of course. Implementing full loco changes things.

        • Mane Vr

          I skipped Wilson’s heart solely because it’s teleport only and yes I hopes it fails so devs knows for a fact never to release a teleport only games. i’m not say teleporting should stop but that EVERY game should have full locomotion option. if devs has to use teleporting as a performance cheat then that just lazy and they should be successful. gunheart looks great and they didn’t need to cheat to get those visuals. and yes full loco changes things which is what is needed in vr games they need a big change to most of their current path of designing games around teleporting. games should be design around full loco and then adding teleport for those who get sick and not like the way it is now where full loco is an after thought. it shows in the game’s ai most vr games AI is dumb cause they are design around someone teleporting to a spot stand there shoot a few enemies teleport to the next spot.

          • cartweet

            Not every game should or is suited for full locomotion. Robo Recall for example is broken with full locomotion. They’d need to make changes to the game mechanic to make it work. Similarly Wilson’s Heart just wouldn’t work at all with free locomotion. If they had decided to do it from the start then the could’ve have made better decisions on gameplay and interactions but it can’t simply be done for EVERY game.

          • Mane Vr

            I love robo recall with full locomotion and hate it with teleporting it’s broken only because it’s a mod and not officially apart of the games if it was I feel it would have been a better game. I stop playing robo recall because with the mod on you can progress thru the game so I never got to upgrade my guns and I couldn’t even get past the first stage with teleporting cause it annoyed me so much doing so. uninstalled that game then bought raw data when it added full locomotion

          • cartweet

            Well the full locomotion mod makes the game completely unbalanced. It wasn’t designed for full locomotion and enemy AI can’t counter this. They basically can’t hit you at all if you’re moving. Their movements are also tuned to your teleportation and don’t work right as well when you’re free moving. Even the robots that stop teleportation are completely ineffective. Sure, epic could add full locomotion into the game but they’d need to rework a lot of the gameplay and mechanics to make it work right. The gameplay would also become different. Better? I don’t know but it’s not just adding a simple option and you’re good to go especially for a game that was developed from the beginning with teleportation in mind.

          • Mane Vr

            That the point they should have done it from the start and yes the game would have been better for it..

          • cartweet

            My point is that many people just want them to shoehorn it in now after the fact despite that it may not work with the existing gameplay.

            Also I don’t think either of us would know if the game would be “better” with or without it. We can only say for certain is that it would be different.

          • Mane Vr

            I will go with that

          • DM

            I think the main problem is you, not the teleporting. Most people accept teleporting is more comfortable and will play the games and have fun. It seems very few people are militant enough to say teleport = failure, and refuse to play at all.

          • Mane Vr

            It’s what happen when u have standards and not willing to ever settled

          • NooYawker

            I get it but wilsons heart is a really great game even with the predetermined teleporting. It is an adventure game and not an action game.

  • Akash Shetty

    Depends on the performance optimization, if it can deliver consistent 90 FPS on High settings count me in. As a recent joiner to VR user base m spending quite some time tuning game settings to deliver 90 FPS without the game looking like crap.

  • Mane Vr

    I would be excited if this game wasn’t teleport only. I will be skipping this game. btw not only is it just teleporting but it’s teleporting to pre pick spots on the map there is no freedom of movement at all.

  • SomeGuyorAnother

    Looks like the reason for the node-based teleportation is to focus on cover based gunplay. I can understand the headache adding free locomotion can cause if the a.i. and level design isn’t designed to compensate for this (look at Killing Floor as an example). I’m sure this game will be quite fun in its own right without having to immitate everything else out there.

  • johann jensson

    Teleporting? Not interested.

  • Tiberius Gracchus

    I’m keeping my hopes up for a great game. I get that teleportation is not always ideal but Wilsons Heart is one of the best games out there and it used pre-determined teleportation. I’m one that thinks story is a much larger factor in games that the transportation mode.

  • koenshaku

    Well I guess this will tie Oculus users over if they can’t play bethesda games this holiday season.

    • dan bryant

      I’m sure Oculus owners will be able to play Bethesdas VR games
      In fact I’d put money on it

  • Gregg Wilke

    So for $30 do u think we should
    expect 3hrs of game play?

  • Gonzalo Novoa

    I hate disembodied hands, it kills the immersion for me.

    • KUKWES

      yeah especially when something like Lone Echo nailed arms

      • Gonzalo Novoa

        I just don’t understand why so many games are like that. I have no idea but I don’t think it’s a particularly difficult feature to implement. It’s just a couple of arms, it looks far better with them and not some silly hands floating in space.