Mark Zuckerberg In ZeniMax Case: ‘Oculus Products Are Based On Oculus Technology’

by Ian Hamilton • January 17th, 2017

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took his turn being questioned in the case brought by ZeniMax against Oculus and its management.

ZeniMax is the former employer of Oculus Chief Technology Officer John Carmack, and it is accusing the Facebook-owned company of stealing trade secrets and destroying evidence, while also claiming ZeniMax as “the visionary developers of breakthrough VR technology.”

“Oculus products are based on Oculus technology,” Zuckerberg said in a Dallas court today. “We are highly confident in Oculus technology. And the idea that Oculus technology is based on someone else’s technology is wrong.”

Zuckerberg noted “if the key people hadn’t joined,” including John Carmack, “we wouldn’t have closed the deal.” Zuckerberg also described how he was convinced he needed to buy Oculus, saying he met with the company twice and the second time was much higher fidelity, convincing him “it was possible to create a good VR experience in the next 5 years.”

Facebook released the following statement about the case previously: “We’re disappointed that another company is using wasteful litigation to attempt to take credit for technology that it did not have the vision, expertise, or patience to build.”

Carmack answered questions last week, saying “Palmer [Luckey] provided the system” while a lawyer for ZeniMax countered, claiming “Palmer provided the simple lenses.”

Editor’s Note: We’ve removed sentences regarding the cost of acquiring Oculus from the above report while we reach out to Oculus for clarification. Writer Garrett Glass is in a Dallas courthouse this week following what’s going on for UploadVR, though the use of electronic devices is restricted and live-tweeting not allowed. Stay tuned for more updates as the case continues.

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    7 words? That’s quite the bottleneck. There’s a technology called pen and paper that might help.

    • Ian Hamilton

      I have more notes filed, but I won’t publish until I’ve asked some questions and our writer had to run back in for the next session.

      • James Abrahams

        Does that mean you have a full transcript you’d be able to publish?

  • DougP

    Gads that picture of Zuck & all the people with mobile VR strapped to their faces…. ugh – gives me chills every time I see it.

    • Robbie Cartwright

      It’s not that bad for me except his face is in a weird position. XD

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        LOL I guess it would have been much better if they’d all been wearing Vives with Gabe Newell waddling through the middle :p

        Seriously, I think people just project their dislike of Zuckerberg into it mainly… studies show a predisposition in attitude towards someone causes you to attribute different traits to a person’s expression when showing it to different people.

        • Robbie Cartwright

          True that! Yeah, personally I don’t mind Zucker all that much, he’s fine to me, but he just looks bug-eyed in that pic is all. Yes, Newell walking down a row of Vive strapped persons would be hilarious! XD

  • it’s a shame this isn’t being streamed in VR…

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    will the actual court transcripts be published? would love to read.

    • James Abrahams

      Me too! Real shame that this isn’t televised.

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