Massive oVRshot Update Adds New Game Mode, Map, Class, And More

by David Jagneaux • May 16th, 2018

There are countless gun-based VR shooters on the market, but very few multiplayer-focused bow and arrow shooters. Luckily, oVRshot is a solid option to fill that gap a bit. When we first played the game before it hit Early Access the biggest issues we had were the slow locomotion, lack of map variety, and some concerns with depth. This week, the latest update for oVRshot addresses all of those concerns and turns it into a much more robust and feature-rich experience.

This massive update introduces a brand new game mode, a whole new map, a new class, improved AI, and countless small tweaks and fixes across the board.

Demolition is the new game mode and it plays out a lot like the game mode of the same name in Call of Duty, or even one of Counter-Strike’s popular modes. One team is tasked with defending a bomb location while the other team must attack. This should serve as a nice change of pace in comparison to the king of the hill-style point defense mode that’s already in the game.

With this update there’s also a brand new class to play called the Scout, which is more of a stealth-based burst damage play style. Players will be able to turn invisible, use a grappling arrow to quickly rise up into the air or zip across the map (as shown in the GIF below) and even a rapid fire power that lets you rain down or blast tons of arrows out at once.

The new update should be live already for all players to check out, so if you’re playing oVRshot give it a try and let us know what you think down in the comments below! 

Currently, the game is 30% off (that’s just $6.99) until May 29th.

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